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Publish these stories --- it is very important that people begin to know the truth. The LDS Church is nothing more than another chapter of the secret religions.

I have been through the lifelong mind control program not unlike the lady that tells about seeing the royals shape shift. I grew up in the LDS church (the long name is Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) and the short name is (the Mormons). My memories include having my babies sacrificed and all the horrible memories that others have. Last night I meet other woman that have been ritually abused by the LDS Church and the Catholic Church. I made the comment to one that I thought that the so called prophet was a reptilian and it wasn't five minutes until another lady said that this so called prophet had her baby taken by him and eaten it. Two other women were raised Catholic and said that they had seen the abusers shapeshift and turn reptilian and eat the sacrifice. I have many monster dreams but until now have had no clue that they were real.

Joseph was from the occult blood lines and the whole story is a lie. The leaders are mostly reptilian. One witness says that only one of the twelve apostles did not shape shift at the rituals. The curse of the witchcraft got broken over myself and my children earlier this year by a real christian minister and a very few weeks later I received the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit has been teaching me what the truth is. I started being told by the Spirit about the reptilians after one of the people that has helped heal the split personalities told me someone in his family saw a reptilian with a machine gun at one of the secret entrances to the Salt Lake Temple of the LDS Church. I have been abused by the aliens all of my life and know that my father and a brother were too.

I was so mad to find out that the alien abuse was connected to the ritual abuse in the church when I had believed the church was true and that it had only been infiltrated by some wicked people that I have stopped going entirely and all of my family had stopped earlier and I couldn't understand why they would walk away from God not knowing the difference between religion and knowing God at the time.

A few days ago the Spirit told me that Gordon B. Hinkley is a reptilian and one of my friends that I told that to and I had a witness from the spirit that that is the truth and sunday one of the woman that I meet told me she had seen him shape shift and that he ate her sacrificed baby. Because of the having the comfort of the spirit I could endure hearing her story.

I also know that I am about to have the most horrendous flood of memories come up that I have ever had to face. I know that my life was spared by our Holy God to help expose this and that I will be given a supernatural gift to help others.

I could have never guessed what my life really was and it is mind blowing to have all the layers of mind control and the splits have to surface consciously and to deal with the real truth of my life. Our families are from occult blood lines of England and Europe. This has gone on for hundreds and thousands of years.

The wake up call is going out the spirits of those that have a part of breaking the hold of the wicked ones. By the grace of God and the determination of the past slaves this will happen.


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