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The Reptile Princess

From: Jon Hurst
Subject: The Reptile Princess, by Odette

Something happened to me a few years ago, and I have not read or heard of anything like this before or after that strange encounter...

I was at a friendís house up north, in Quebec, and there were a lot of people, some I already knew, and some new faces. I was sitting with a friend, when a woman came and joined us. For some reason she started talking about UFOs and contactees; she said she was one. And that she had a meeting with a ship, she gave us the date, and the place. She also said that they were taking her, that she would never be back on Earth, and if we wanted to, we could go with her. I was not convinced at all! Then she started telling me if only I could see her real self, how beautiful she is, like a princess inside. And I was thinking, "Yeah right! Whatever!!!"

She looked around 30 years old, tall and strong, light hair, cut to her shoulder, ordinary looking. Then she asked me if I would let her show me her real self, because I had never seen anybody like her, but she needed my permission for this. And I thought "Poor thing, sheís really miserable..." So I said yes.

We went to a quiet room, we sat facing each other, and she grabbed my hands, told me to relax and just look at her. What I saw was a reptile, taller than she was, at least 6 feet, green/brown color, staring at me with its head turned side ways, and I swear with something that seemed like a grin on its face. Then she/it asked me "Didnít I tell you I was beautiful?"

I said yes, and headed for the door.

Whoever that was, that being must still be talking about it on a ship and having a good laugh! But seriously, if anybody has had a similar experience or knows of a book that talks about Reptilians, please let me know.


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