Murdering Masonic Reptilian Shape-Shifters

Kicking Ass and Taking Names of Murdering Masonic Reptilian Shape-Shifters

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." -- LUKE 10:19

The subject of gene-spliced reptilian-human hybrid blood-lines is one that poses a great many problems in the area of ethics, theology, and legality. Many, I am certain, may consider ALL hybrids to be a threat to the purity of the human genome, and in turn to the planet, and therefore they believe that these infiltrators should be eliminated.

I on the other hand am willing to give these "hybrids" the benefit of a doubt, for if they possess both a human and reptilian genome [being mid-way between the humans who are 'hosts' for 5th density reptilian parasites AND full-fledged reptilian humanoids concealing themselves behind projected techno-hypnotic holographic fields] it would seem that such entities would have the CHOICE of whether to be controlled by the divine spark of their human spirit or by the corrupted "programming" of their reptilian flesh.

So, in helping the woman whose story I share below to expose the torture, abuse, and murder against her and members of her family, I do so not because of the genetic composition of the perpetrators exclusively, but rather because of their predatory CRIMINAL ACTIONS!

If there are "hybrids" out there who may read this, then I would not only encourage them to embrace their human spiritual side and deny (or "tame") their physical reptilian side with the help of Divine grace, but also to expose those of their own kind who are committing atrocities such as those exposed in the following text. On doing so, they will justify their continued existence in the face of what seems to be a growing movement within the ranks of humanity towards an "inquisition" against the reptiloid species who have infiltrated our society from exterran, quanterran, and subterran realms.

In other words, I challenge these hybrids to prove to the would-be inquisitors that they themselves CAN rise above their dark side, and in doing so convince these would be destroyers that an entity should continue to be judged by their actions rather than by their genetic programming or by ones captivity within a borg-like collective hive mentality.

For those reading this to whom this may apply, the "choice" is yours...


Subject: jims report in indiana

Hi Alan,

My name is Jeanette. I lived 14 years with an alligator reptilian named Jeff Schloemer in Gages Lake, Illinois. I witnessed Jeff shift into a 6' 4'', 270 lb?, aligator headed reptile with green scales, clawed hands and feet. I am alive today because of something I realized in Jims report.... the hammer... for 7 years I slept with a hammer under my pillow when Jeff and I shared a little lake cottage. I also kept a hammer under my car seat and a hammer under my couch cushion and kept a hammer by my side when I was near Jeff. Jeff was afraid to attack or mesmerize me when I had a hammer near... I used to call it Thors magic hammer, am I on to something here? I never had to hit Jeff with the hammer, I slept with it for defense only... and the presence of the hammer kept Jeff at bay from attacking me, like an armstance.

You are on target with your article. Jeff invented the z curve and diamond grid for motorola, 2 component parts integral in making operatorless communication a reality, cordless cellular phones.

I feel like jane goodall of reptilians having had such prolonged exposure to a creepy family of shifters... I am a devout christian and a serious student of christian science. My religious programming from my mother since birth prevented Jeff from succeeding at mind controlling me to death with the mesmer techniques aligator reptilians use. And after reading Jims report I realized just the defense of a hammer kept this reptile off of me for many years. Maybe this is where the myth of THORS MAGIC HAMMER CAME FROM... in old norse writings... it keeps reptiles at bay.

Any comments or direct questions, please write and pass my email on to Jim as I have a 2nd home in chesterton indiana, not too far from evansville. Take Care,


Subject: Re: jims report in indiana

I was raised in christianity. My mothers family runs the global salvation army as a family business. I stayed 14 years because over 2 dozen of my bones were broken and each time I went to expose him in court a family member was murdered and I was attacked again. My mother and 3 brothers were murdered by these reptiles. The family home was burnt to the ground. I was assaulted with a mustered gas to CONTROL ME and subdue me and keep me in a hostage state. Jeff wanted me as his stepford wife love slave. Reptiles... ARE [INTO] ORGANIZED CRIME, CORRUPTION AND RACKETEERING. They run drugs, porn, vice, legal drugs, illegal drugs, high crime, murder, mayhem, etc. Reptiles feed on negative E-MOTE-IONS as Jeff called negative emotions. The only power they have is corrupt use of force.

Reptiles live below dantes 7th level of hell and these lowlifes want advanced human beings TO BE BELOW THEM, they do have this as their agenda. They like genocide, power and control. They trick humans with electronics ... i.e. t.v., radio, printed word, they are a gene spliced cross species. Jeff was human/alligator/grey in his genetic mix. His human form was a 5' 7 ', blue eyed blonde finnish guy. I am an american born norwegian female, natural blonde and attractive, reptiles like to suck off of my rh negative blood to gain information and good energy. I do not like reptiles. The greys are mutants from atlantis who bred with lizards and survived earths cataclysms.

The humans they bred with are just that, humans with alien grey and alligator dna.

Jeff lives in Wildwood Illinois on Cherokee Rd. Gerald Schloemer lives on Lake Ave. at the Lake, Edwards subdivision, Round Lake IL. Both are violent alligator reptilians, very very negative energy force fields around them. Like a negative of a picture or a black hole negative energy. Very apparent and compelling yet horribly negative.

Jane Goodall was a researcher who live with chimps in the wild to study them in their natural habitat.

I wrote to David, he wrote back and said he missed my email last year. It is too hard to write of 13 concurrent realities operating over a 14 year span, I also have to recover from 14 years under seize in a hostage situation, and Jeff had my family murdered. ALL satanic, ALL CORRUPTION, ALL RICO ORGANIZED CRIME, ALL OF IT IS REPTILIAN ..... and reptiles ARE the devils of the scripture and yes they are masonic and yes they do have a pyramid like david described in his book.

I am so happy you wrote to me, if you can help me get published thru David I wish to warn and help anyone who was hurt by these miscreants called reptilians. And David is correct, LOVE defeats reptiles also, Divine Christed LOVE. As a christian scientist I learned GOD IS LOVE. To reptiles every day is halloween and black sabbath. To me with GOD AND LOVE, every day is christmas and valentines and easter, no matter how the reptilians try to massacre valentines they can not as David said LOVE is a greater frequency then reptilian hate. I remain a witness, and a target out of reach, protected by GODS LOVING ARMS.


PS. Most reptiles are tech geniuses, greys too, but often they just steal technology from advanced human brains. Universities are intelligence farming operations. esp. at the PhD and masters levels.

[Note from Alan: I can confirm this, my research has revealed many examples where advanced human minds were brain-drained from society, or initiated into deep black tech projects run by the reptilians, or suppressed/murdered if they did not cooperate so that the dracos could maintain control of advanced technology -- whether beneficial technology or harmful technology -- in order to keep humans on earth trapped in the "cradle" as livestock so that their emotional, psychic, and vital energies could be harvested to feed the reptilian empire... and to prevent earth-humans from challenging the draconian empires beneath the earth, in other dimensions, and in space. I have also learned of many abductees who have had their minds invaded via implants and sorcery in order to claim control of the creative-visualization sectors of their mind, around which "alternate" or "alter" personalities are programmed so that the creative energies of these individuals could go directly into building up the empire of these draconian techno-sorcerers and also to keep us human cattle "dumbed down" and less of a threat to them. Humans CAN however re-claim these parts of their mind through Divine intervention, and turn the tide of this battle... if they believe, and are willing. - Alan]

Reptiles are wise as serpants and so are greys, greys have consciousness from atlantian days, many were black bag magis. But we have enough white magis on earth to counter them in check. GOD WON and God loves you for responding to a traumatized, still hurting, bereft, orphaned by reptile mayhem, little norweigan girl who overcame the sickness sin and death reptilians brought to earth and her family.

Subject: Re: jims report in indiana

Hi Alan,

It is good to be a light being. Thank you - for your kind condolences - you are a good samaritan.

On to facts:

In Oct. of 1989, I tried to move out to leave Jeff, my oldest brother came to help me move. His name was Don, he was a 44 year old engineer, a golfer, a bowler and a very decent respectable man, he was engaged to a shoolteacher named Linda and he never missed one day of work in 20 years at his company. Don was a very routine, predictable man. Jeff attacked my brother and broke his back tooth, a short while later my brother disappeared one evening after work. I went to the police after Don was missing and after 3 days a bulletin was put out. My brother was found locked in his car with his stomach slit side to side. His car was parked in unincorporated half day, Lake county IL. next to a garbage dump in a protected crime area of vice, drugs and illegal dumping run by the reptiles who owned the Lake County Sheriff's Office. Across the street from where Dons body was found a multi-million dollar protected illegal drug operation was run and protected for decades. The unincorporated area left the sheriff in charge of investigations.

They said it was a suicide and refused to investigate. The more I pressed for investigation the more I began to receive death threats from low level lackeys, I was run off the road 1/2 dozen times, a goon threatened me by swinging a crowbar in my face, same hit men drug lackey goons put my house under seize, they hung out in front of my gate every day for years!. The liquor commissioner Bob Depke ran the drugs, vice, crime with the sheriff . Jeff the reptile and his father worked in concert with this crime by laundering the money and computerizing the operations. The under sheriff tried to help me, he came to my home one Sunday and explained it as such: He said: "The people in Barrington (an affluent town 20 miles away) did not want drugs dealt there, so they had to deal the drugs in the unincorporated areas of Lake County where the poorer people could not stop them." He then advised me to stop investigating or move if I wanted to live. I took his advice.

In 1992 I fled to Norway to get away from Jeff. I came back to collect my things in early 1993 and was informed my brother Ray had been kidnapped and was being held hostage at Rush Hospital, Cancer Ward, 10th floor in Chicago IL. Ray was a normal healthy businessman who was married with 2 small children, excellent health and a very straight life. Guerilla warfare was used to drug him, hold him illegally against his will, armed guards at RUSH used force to keep Rays family from seeing him.

We got a lawyer to get a writ of habius corpus from a judge, we went to the local news to get my brother released. Ray had been injected with lethal bio-toxins, cytoxin, cisplatin and adroymyacin in such high doses his liver exploded before we could get him released, his intestines were radiated so grossly his stomach melded together. He died at 60lbs. I have photos. The entire kidnap and murder of my brother took place in a span of 60 days. My sister in law went crazy from threats from the hospital and the CORRUPT MEDICARE AND HEALTH INSURANCE PAID MURDERERS, THE ROBOTIC KILLER MDS AND THE CEOS OF THESE HOSPITALS to her and their infant children, she left town and was too terrified to prosecute. Dozens of lawyers refused our case, I was told the hospital OWNED the judges, no trial or inquiry was ever completed.

In the duration my brother Ken kept getting struck from behind in the skull by assailants using what appeared to be heavy boards or bats on the top of his skull, the attacks occurred when he went to get mail, go to his garage, walk to get a newspaper. He survived 3 such attacks, no one was ever caught.

The 4th attack in 1996 was so savage he was taken by police to ILLINOIS MASONIC HOSP. where unknown doctors gave him unsigned bottles of strychnine in capsule form. He was given oral strychnine in a pill labeled dilantin in mega doses and exploited in the nursing home system like a guinea pig, his medicare and now medicaid insurance being bilked millions to pay for this torture committed on him until he escaped 12-1999 and I was able to help him get non genocidal medical help. His nerve system was too far burned by mega doses of strychnine and starvation for 3 years. He died of heart failure 2-2000. My mother was kidnapped by ILLINOIS MASONIC HOSPITOL and impaled against her will with 2,16 inch teflon stents rammed up her uterus and impaled into her kidneys May 28th 1999. These rods INDUCED chronic kidney infection and mother was churned in a kidney dialysis racket and her insurance bilked over 1 million dollars. Brave attorneys freed mother from the hostage situation and secured her release.

Brave nutritional MDS kept her alive torture free for 15 months. No one could remove the 16 inch implants, they were too strategically placed and caused gross complications. She died 8-2000 after waging a long battle. Mother was missouri synod lutheran and for 74 years refused cutting of the flesh, she never took so much as a baby aspirin in her whole life and consistently refused invasive medical. Her rights were trampled on. Mother was a saint who ran the Meals on Wheels program for the elderly in Illinois. She was murdered as a hit.

All the while Jeff told me of the cojuncto by rosenkrantz, where the brides family is ritually murdered, then the grooms family murdered, then the conjuncto or sacred marriage would occur. Astrologically his sun conjuncted my moon at 7 degrees aires, this was why I was chosen he said. I begged Jeff to stop the cancer industry, the genocide industry, the murder of my family, the torture and continuous murder attempts on me. Jeff's reptile father then had a judge try to lock me up and legally KILL CONTROL OR NEUTRALIZE ME with murder by injection in cahoots with the crooked public guardian in Lake County Illinois. I fled the county, gave all my possessions to the church and cancelled forever any insurance. Then I went to my cousins in the salvation army and they helped and protect me to this day.

In 1995 our family home was burnt to the ground. The words "we know you are here bitch" were written in 2 foot black block letters on the garage door.

I spent the 14 years from 1984 to 1999 suing Jeff in court. I have 5 feet of court and police records, medical, photo, etc. reports. One lawyer spent his career taking our cases on pro bono for years, an appellate attorney saved my life. As the above murders were going on Jeff was breaking my bones, drugging my coffee with MINISCULE, undetectable amounts of illegal drugs to keep me in fear and off balance, and I suffered 2 heart attacks from Jeff's terrorization of me and my family.

The above accounts for the 4 murders, as for was Jeff in a nordic connection, the answer is yes and no. Nordic are advanced and see the reptile agenda. Other races may see the genocide as a fact of life. Reptiles want intelligent life on earth dead so they may kill without interference. To retard and mislead the human race was Jeff's stated goal. I have genocide letters from Jeff grandfather to Jeff. Reptiles want to kill earthlings en masse. The reptiles bred the intelligence from the human nordic races.

We are all light beings who have eonic consciousness. I was a high priestess in Atlantis in 14,000 BC, that is where I know these reptiles from, they are the race of black magi scientists who genetically crossbred man and animals.

Atlantis was sunk because of this, these reptiles created a world of heinous suffering humans whose dna was gene spliced with all of the animals in the animal kingdom, crossbred with animals. These black magi scientists are the same ones creating the negative on earth again. We have the power to transform the planet this time, NOT destroy it as in Atlantis with the flood.

YOU are a white magi as is David as is your friend Jim, as am I, there are many many more of us and we are part of a fantastic wave that is turning the tide of humanity and transforming the consciousness of the planet for GOOD. I learned years ago to access past memories...

[Here she addresses some personal issues regarding my own experiences with abductions, etc. - Alan]

Reptiles have been poisoning the human food supply for the last 50 years. GREYS are MALNOURISHED BY PRODUCTS, during their time underground Jeff said grey became greys by surviving on ginko biloba and ginseng roots as their sustenance food. Hence their heads got big but their bodies got skinny and malnourished [this is not to change the fact that according to many reports of autopsies and studies of "gray aliens" recovered from aerial craft, their dna is mostly reptilian, with lesser amounts of insectillian, vegetable, and human dna and cyber or nano tech thrown into the mix - Alan]. I have been on an organic diet from the health food stores since 1980. This organic diet is the most variable basic diet you can be on to keep your system clear thinking and clean. Any health food book or store can help you start or maintain an organic diet.

Reptiles have intensified their efforts at food poisoning. Oranges and bananas are injected with lethal / toxic carcinogens. I tell any good person, investigate organic pure food and water.

I hope I have not over answered you about the moralities I witnessed. Jeff said the space program was a joke [to conceal Nazi/Alien activity on the moon, Mars, etc? - Alan] and coke wanted to project God or Jesus into the sky as a hologram to dupe the people. Reptiles are FRAUDS. I cannot recall pre atlantian meetings with reptiles. I am not aware of inter galactic origins. Like you I too have memories that need to be accessed. At this time I lead a very protected guarded life surrounded by christians, light workers and organic beings and every day I am alive I say Thank you God and I stay straight and strong by reading Science and Health by mary baker eddy every day and I read the bible every day to keep in Gods word. The word for GOOD in Norwegian is GOD. I read the new testament, commonly referred to as the GOOD news. David was good at exposing the frauds in religion but someone should tell david the bible protects millions from exploitation by the other factions... better for a man to go to church then to a tavern mom always said, and tell david religion may have flaws but it is better in impact then selling alcohol. [I would say personally that a 'church' which puts the power in the hands of God is TRUE Christianity, and that those which put the power in the hands of men -- or worse yet reptiles -- are false cults that should be avoided at all costs. - Alan]

Enough said. God bless you.
Love, your sister in Christ...


Note: For more information on specific names and activities of individuals accused of being reptilian shape-shifters, see:

For continuing updates on Jeanette's story, keep connected to the following link:


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Supplied by Alan

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