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!!! WARNING !!! Reptilian Aliens Ahead

!!! WARNING !!! Reptilian Aliens Ahead

Now, we know that there's a lot of hoopla about the alien presence and how they're here to help us evolve and all that - and some of them are. In their time, the RR&RRM's have run across various interdimensional travelers of high intent, but these are not among them. You really want to watch out for these guys. No joke, these are some bad motherf*ckers.

RR&RRM Sri Revolutiananda has had several run in's with them and they are not a pleasant lot what so ever. He's still dealing with the "fall out", so to speak. We don't have anything good to say about them. Everything in Prime Creator's Universe has it's place and purpose - light and dark both. We understand that, but we have chosen a path of light, truth, compassion, peace, respect, and freedom. The reptilians have proven themselves to be the antithesis of these tenets in every regard. They are deceitful, malicious, manipulative, and violent. Unless you are a hard and fast member of the Cult of Pain, we suggest you avoid them at all costs.

Read on to learn more of their modus operandi. Again, we repeat - this information is given in all seriousness in the hopes that others can avoid similar experiences.

The Reptilian's Game or
How To Skin A Snake

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A Snake Amongst Us
Recognizing the Operatives
The Next Deception
Breaking the Connection
Seeking Assistance

A Snake Amongst Us

The reptiles have human operatives that are posing as spiritual workers. These people may be humans who have been implanted, they may be walk-ins, or they may be hybrid human/reptiles. We have only run across one that we know of, so we can only give information based on that encounter.

These operatives appear to be preying on the trust and inexperience of those who are just turning on to the whole spiritual thing. These trusting souls are invited to Reiki circles, or are offered other types of spirit work, such as past life regression and Reiki attunements. The operative does the work - but while doing it, he makes some sort of adjustment on the etheric level which forges a connection between him and the victim. This "mark" seems to serve two purposes. First, it allows the operative to find the victim, and even psychically call the victim to him whenever he wishes. Second, it acts as some sort of homing becon for the reptilians themselves to find and abduct the victim. Once the victims are abducted, and have had god knows what done to them, their memories of the experience are erased.

In the case of Sri Revolutiananda, he was able to recover some memories of being aboard their craft in some sort of stasis vibration. However, his father and brother, whom he saw there as well, have no memory of the incident.

Recognizing the Operatives

Simply being aware of the character of the person you are dealing with is a good indicator. Like the reptiles themselves, this operative tended towards force and violence. He was a wandering "reiki master", and would frequently say things like: "I opened his third eye with the barrel of a .38", or "Other people on the (spiritual) scence don't like me because I'm violent", or "Most people like to protect their space with light. I like to protect mine with darkness with balck pyramids in it." Anyone who talks like this is NOT a true Reiki Master.

During the "Reiki Circle", he would do something energetically while hissing violently - we suspect this was the yogic cobra breath. People attending this circle often reported feeling strangely "compelled" to attend. He had very advanced psychic capabilites, and would frequently comment on victories he had won over others using psychic power, or of bending them to his will by sending them an energy. He invaded Sri Revolutiananda's dreams frequently, attempting to terrorize and dominate him.

The reptilian's whole ploy rests on people not believing that they exist, and further, on the fact that most people going to a Reiki Circle are completely unsuspecting of something of this nature occuring. If you have any intuition at all, it will attempt to warn you in such a situation. USE IT !!!

The Next Deception

Once the Victim has been "marked", the next thing that may happen, is that the reptiles will try to merge with him. What this means essentially is that they try to jump into the victim's body. This may be some sort of preparatory stage allowing them to either overtake the will of the victim, or to actually posess the body of the victim. We're unsure of this as Sri Revolutiananda broke contact after this stage.

The merging, like all of their ploys, is particualarly deceptive. It begins by a feeling of deep peace coming over the subject. This is followed by an energy that floods the being of the subject. This energy is very warm, pleasant and sexual in nature. It brings the recipient into a state of ungaurded bliss and relaxation. This energy stage takes some time - and may build for several hours.

Thereafter the recipient will feel a palpable influx of energy through the crown or solar plexus. This too is very warm (almost hot), pleasant and sexual. The pleasure is so intense that if the intended victim is not experienced in energy work, he/she may actually be rendered helpless by it. This influx of energy is the essence of the reptile entering and merging with the subject. This merging takes about 5 minutes, during which the subject will notice a dramatic rise in their own vibratory rate. They will then become aware of another presence looking out from behing their eyes, and sharing their body - an extremely odd, yet unmistakable sensation. They may begin hissing uncontrollably, or laughing and speaking in a voice not their own.

We are not sure what this merging accomplishes - but we do know that it somehow increases the connection between the subject and the reptiles. The mergings are frequently followed by very realistic, horrific dreams in which an unseen but vastly powerful presence is sensed, attempting to dominate the dreamer.

Breaking the Connection

We DO NOT know how to break the connection. To date, Sri Revolutiananda is still dodging these creeps - three YEARS after the initial contact. After trying everything imaginable (please see our section on Psychic Self-Defense) - he is still engaged in a fierce struggle. The reptiles and their operative have been wacked HARD several times, but the fools just keep coming back for more. They are tough, undoubtedly - but we certainly can't vouch for their intelligence. Your best defense is to keep your eyes open and not get caught in a similar situation.

We have no doubt that Sri Revolutiananda will prevail - it is only a matter of time. Regardless, we cannot express to you what this has cost all of us in terms of time, resources and energy that could have been directed into constructive work.

For those of you who know how - magick works quite well - but you really better know your stuff before you go messing with these guys. When we say they are violent, we are not joking - if they can they will kill you. They seem to be especailly susceptible to both Tibetan Tantric methods and Goddess energies.

We would like to stress that they are neither all-powerful, nor invincible - only very persistent. If you read our section on Psychic-Self Defense, and use it, they will not be able to harm you. However, they are still likely to remain a constant annoyance for you - at least until we figure out how to disperse their scaly asses once and for all - and then, all we have to say is REPTILES - WATCH YOUR ASSES BECAUSE THE RR&RRM's HAVE GOT YOUR NUMBER !!!!

Seeking Assistance

If you catch some reptiles, we strongly suggest you get some help. However, we know from experience that help is not always easy to find. The major problem is that most people quite simply will not believe that you are under attack by reptilian aliens. You may wish to keep this fact to yourself and just tell them that you are under psychic attack.

Find someone who is both experienced and utterly trustworthy. The last thing you want is to go running from the Reps straight into the arms of one of their operatives. You'll know if you're on the right track, because the stupid Reps will actually try to stop you from seeking assistance with the right person. They really tend to prey on the inexperienced - they run from a fair fight every time.

Again, check out our section on Psychic Self-Defense. We cut out teeth on PSD in combat with the Reps. We can pretty much guarantee that if you use these techniques, you will bring their cowardly maliciousness to a standstill in no time flat.

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