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This report is based largely on the book MONTAUK:THE ALIEN CONNECTION", however I will also include several links and personal comments to help facilitate the flow of thought...

I will begin by quoting from the Montauk book at a point where one individual by the name of Stewart is describing experiences which he recalls on board an alien craft.

"...Suddenly, I turned and faced the other members of this strange gathering. Tears began to run down my face. The next creature to communicate with me was a huge, white praying mantis. As it came closer to me, I froze with fear. Trying to scream, nothing came out. The mantis emitted a loud and constant clicking and chirping that completely unnerved me. I could not stand its presence. Sensing this, it immediately backed away. The mantis was not evil or negative. It was simply an unconventional (non-humanoid) mind pattern. Insect species are truly alien in perception and context of our reality...

The next thing that I remember is becoming dizzy and nauseous. Falling to the floor, I awoke sitting in a chair facing a panel of seven beings. Much too big for me, the chair seemed like a throne. The sides of the chair were as high as my shoulders, not allowing my feet to touch the ground. As each being spoke to me, my chair automatically swiveled to face the speaker.

Speaking in succession from right to left, the first one was a large reptilian creature who looked like a lizard stuffed into a black uniform. He spoke with a hissing noise in a language that sounded guttural and severe. Simultaneously, I heard the meaning of his words in my head. A member of a vast empire that spanned a large portion of the galaxy, his people are attempting to occupy all of the star systems on the outer fringes of this galaxy, eventually working their way inward. A defector, he now advises this council on the possible activities of these invasion forces.

According to the lizard, the Earth was invaded many thousands of years ago by an army of his people that arrived in a huge ship that is now the moon of Earth [Some have claimed that the moon was actually a huge crystalline refugee craft involved in the original Luciferian rebellion/fall - Alan]. Another such ship is on its way, he said, destined to arrive before the end of this century (as we calculate time) [Obviously the 20th century has passed and the 21st Century is here, and no major event of this sort has taken place, yet! - Alan]. After being driven off the Earth [by] the Lyran Empire, his people went underground. There, they remain in statis until they are to be reactivated by the incoming ship. These reptilians also maintain bases on Venus and on some of the moons of the outer planets. Because his people are male only, they created females for the sole purpose of breeding. Despite this, cloning is their primary method of reproduction. In conclusion, the lizard added that I would someday convert his people to the Light because my soul was an emissary to them many years ago. Remembering me, they would respect what I said to them.

The next one to speak was an amphibian-type being who looked very much like the "Creature from the Black Lagoon." Slimy and moist, his body was covered with a scaly, greenish-grey skin. Breathing heavily, his thoughts flooded my brain. His civilization was [among] the original inhabitants of Earth... At that time, Earth was mostly water and marshes. Devastated by mankind and aliens alike, there remain only a few pockets of his people at the deepest depths of the oceans. From time to time they come to dry land to sun themselves, thus creating the basis for the legendary mermaids and mermen. This species worked closely with the Atlanteans before that continent sank. They served as liaisons between mankind and the whales and dolphins... Most of his people were lifted off-world to underground oceans on Neptune...

Next, a being on the opposite side of the table spoke. looking like a small dark-haired human, his eyes were so dark that they almost shined. His eyes seemed to pierce right through my own, and I found it difficult to look at him. Claiming to represent the Federation of Planets of this galaxy, he said that there are over 120 different member civilizations. Someday, Earth will be asked to join, but only if they are successful in repelling the [reptilian] invasion force. Otherwise, Earth could become a target by the Federation until the reptilians are removed.

This dark-haired human said that I was selected to speak with all of these aliens because each species had contributed to my DNA creation. I was made for the express genetic purpose of belonging to many different groups. Because of that, each group would be more willing to listen to me and accept my ideas since I partially belonged to them. Continuing, he said that my soul-personality had agreed to this mission long ago, undergoing training in many galaxies and alternate universes. He said that much of what they told me now would stay hidden in my cellular memory until each piece of information becomes necessary. Future hardships and sadness would condition me for my mission. Not wanting to hear any of this, I tensed up to the point of vomiting. The next thing I remember, I was still in the chair with another being talking to me.

This creature was a pale grayish-white. He possessed large, round, black eyes and a long nose. A short "curtain" of material draped around the back of his large head. His thin mouth did not move as he spoke words inside my head. With a harsh attitude, this "grey" claimed to be from the Rigel star system. Although he did not want to be part of this meeting, his overlords insisted that he attend it. His job was to monitor the procedures since I was once part of the Lyraen civilization. After that culture disintegrated, the reptilians invaded his planet. Now his people are part of that empire and as such, do their bidding. From time to time he would send his workers, smaller grey creatures, to check up on me. Most of the time I would not remember it except as a bad dream.

[Note: Based on the claims of numerous contactees, it would seem that Orion was once an extension of the Solar-Lyra alliance. However the "grey" species began to increase in the Orion systems as it was apparently the Grays that succumbed to the hive-like control of the reptilians in Alpha Draconis. Using the grays as mind-controlled mercenaries, the major "Nordic" world in Rigel was attacked by the Draco/Gray alliance. Many of the Nordics who escaped fled to Procyon, to the Jovian moons of the Sol system, and apparently to Sirius-A, which has been at war with the six Draconian controlled "Orion" star systems {i.e. "the Unholy Six"} ever since. The human colonial worlds in Lyra were also attacked by the Draco & Grays, with three worlds being devastated, however many human refugees escaped and eventually colonized systems in the outskirts of Lyra such as Vega, the Pleiades, Hyades, and the stars Tishtae and Zenatae in the Andromeda constellation {NOT the Andromeda galaxy, as some have erroneously claimed} of THIS galaxy. However it is not certain whether the Draconian attacks on Lyra came before or after the Draconian/Gray takeover of the Orion systems.

Eventually the Draco/Gray alliance in more recent times had conquered the Procyon civilization, whose ancestors they had in earlier times driven out of the Rigel system. Much as is occurring on earth, the Procyons were "baited" by a technological/cultural exchange "treaty" which was in fact used by the Dracs and the Grays as a "Trojan horse" to facilitate the infiltration and ultimate conquest of the Procyons' home world. The Procyon rebel fleet which escaped the attack joined up with the Andromedans, some progressive Pleiadeans {the "Pleiades" open cluster actually consists of over 200 stars which ultimately revolve around the central star of the cluster, Alcyon... our own star "Sol" being one of them... so there are reputedly MANY Pleiadean space cultures}, and some non-interventionist forces in Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. All of these claims have been relayed by MORE THAN ONE contactee source, in a manner which seems to coincide with similar accounts and suggests the reality of an emerging tapestry of cosmic history in this sector of the galaxy. Refer to the numerous links within this report for further details on the above. Anyway, the Procyons with the help of their allies in some of the more non-interventionist Federations have reportedly re-gained their world and put an end to Draconian/Rigelian domination there, and have joined with the above mentioned fleets in an effort to establish a "blockade" of the Sol system in an attempt to keep incoming Draconian craft from reaching earth and joining up with their subterranean counterparts for the purpose of reinforcing the infiltration and ultimate invasion of the surface of planet earth from below.

This "blockade" has reportedly been broken through by the Dracs on several occasions, however the "Federation" forces and the native "Solarian" forces based on/in other planets and satellites of the Sol system, have allegedly fought valiantly... and there have reportedly been great losses on both sides. To add to this, one planet in Sirius-B has allegedly fallen under the control of the Draco-Orion alliance and this among other things has provoked an intense civil war in Sirius during the closing years of the 20th century.

Three objects, actually carrier ships from Alpha Draco, Rigel Orion and Sirius-B, reportedly entered the Sol system in Hale-Bopp's cometary tail, and according to contactee Alex Collier "jumped ship" near Mercury. An odd fact about comet Lee's occultation of the star Algol in 1999 was the odd fact that two previous comets, Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake both occulted the same star one year apart, AND ON THE SAME DAY. Just exactly what this means is unclear, although some sources have offered some pretty interesting speculations. There are even reports of a massive Alpha Draco / Rigel Orion / Sirius B fleet en route to planet earth, in spite of the Sirian civil conflicts. Some of these craft are reportedly upwards of 500 miles in length. I have it on pretty reliable authority that the ORIGINAL idea for the TV mini-series "V" came from an individual who lived in Hollywood at the time and who was doing some serious investigations into the Dulce New Mexico underground base. This individual had shown a draft of a movie script which he had written, to an NBC employee in confidence, however this exact idea -- even down to the plot involving reptilians from Sirius B masquerading as humans in order to "harvest" planet earth of its human, animal, and mineral resources -- just "happened" to surface in NBC's "V" series. The original source holds no grudges though, he thought that they did an excellent job on the mini-series. - Alan]

There would come a time when these greys would be at war with some of the worlds represented at this meeting. My job would then be to monitor the activities and report the findings to my controllers. My body contains chemicals needed by his race...

Allowed to use my genetics for the purpose of upgrading their dying species, they could not purposefully harm me, permanently kidnap me, or allow me to remember what they did to get what they needed from me. These were the rules that all abided by to keep the status quo while at the same time benefiting from my creation.

If my mission failed, or if any of the participants in this project no longer wished to continue, then I would be removed to a safe place while the others fought amongst themselves, possibly even on the surface of the planet Earth. Finally, he told me that his people merely wished to correct the errors committed against them in order to evolve. They wished to become independent of the reptilians and recreate their old civilization before it was too late. Their dilemma was that, if they attempted this, they would be destroyed completely by their [draco] masters. On the other hand, if they continued with their masters' orders, they would be targeted by the Federation of planets. Because they felt hopeless, they looked out only for themselves.

At this point, the last being at the council table, who sat in the middle, interrupted the Rigelian. This being was very tall. Standing up, he raised his arms to either side. The beautiful white robe he wore was trimmed in a blue that I had never seen before. His large head was round on top with a pointed chin. Standing with his arms outstretched, he remarkably resembled a living ankh. His oval eyes were brilliant blue, his skin ivory white. By far, he was the most impressive being at this gathering. When his thoughts filled my head, I could not even think of my own name! As he spoke, I saw words in a strange language swirling ethereally around his head.

He told me his name, but I cannot remember it. Coming from the planet Khoom in the binary Sirius star system [other planetary names that have been associated by contactees with Sirius include "Bellaton" and "Kantaria" - Alan], his people were descendents of nonphysical beings who inhabited hyperspace, a region of consciousness existing outside of linear time and space...

My soul-personality was from his people because it was the only type advanced enough to animate such a hybrid body as my own. Possessing the most advanced technology in the universe, all the other species came to these Sirians for information. Now, as an adult, I realize that this group also plays one civilization against the other to benefit "evolution" as well as their own species [much the same way as the Alpha Dracos have reportedly play the Sirians and Orions and others against each other, in order to maintain the chaotic conditions necessary for them to consolidate their control - Alan]...

[Note: during a session with Preston Nichols who worked with "Stewart" in an effort to access his memories, the following experience occurred]:

That night, the session was most interesting. After I was entranced, a small white being, who looked like a typical grey, entered my body. Speaking at first in a strange language that only Duncan understood, it then spoke in English as the tone became more ominous. This being said that it had every right to take possession of my body because I was one of them! Challenging this remark, Preston said that I was a human being with a soul from God, and no one was allowed to use the body except Stewart. This entity cursed Preston and called him "Pressed On." It said I worked for them and was carrying out a mission vital to the success of their program on Earth.

[Note: First of all, it should be HUMANS who dictate to the lower, more animalistic alien species, not the other way around. That is the way things were originally set up to be by the Creator. Those sub human species who are dictating to earth humans at this time are merely justifying their ultimate subservience to the {superior} "human" race -- created in the image of God -- WHEN humanity on earth finally breaks free from the reptilian shackles that have been wrongfully imposed upon them/us and CLAIMS their/our RIGHTFUL destiny among the stars... as well as their/our rightful domination over the lesser, more "animalistic", species, whether they occupy other star systems, underground levels, or parallel dimensions. So be it. - Alan]

Both Preston and Duncan saw the physical shape of my body change as if it were a grey alien body. The outline of my face similarly changed. Then, the being started to move my body. Getting up, it walked around while making nasty comments about those present. Although my eyes were closed, my body walked around the room as if it were wide awake.

When Preston started to ask questions about their agenda, the being hesitated. Next, an extremely powerful entity literally pulled the grey from my body as it took over. Identifying itself as a Draco commander, it gave its name as "Gengeeko." Preston immediately understood the Draco to be powerful, reptilian warriors. The creature told Preston that an invasion force was on its way to Earth and that nothing could stop it.

The moon orbiting the Earth was their first craft. It had arrived here aeons ago to control the planet. After creating the Lemurian civilization, they had been removed from the Earth by the Atlans and the descendents of the disbanded Lyraen Empire with the help of the Pleiadeans. Now, the Draco were returning to reclaim the Earth and use it as a military base for entry into the rest of the galaxy. At this point, I realized that this was why so many races were interested in the Earth. If this planet falls, then the rest of the galaxy is in danger.

The Draconian then stood up and rasped a warning at Preston not to use his equipment or Pleiadean contacts to try to stop them. Next, he physically attacked Preston! Both Duncan and Preston had to restrain this being in my body until it finally sat down and resumed its speech. Claiming that humans were weak, it said that humans needed the order that an invasion would bring. This way, the invasion would benefit everyone. The Draco would receive the raw materials, workers, and food that they needed for their invasion of the rest of the galaxy [presumably leaving little if any thing left to "benefit" the rest of us. - Alan]. The Earth [or whats left of it after the purging and the electronic assimilation of those who remain!? - Alan] would be "protected" forever by the Draco Empire.

Our leaders were well aware of the impending invasion, gradually preparing the world population via television shows and movies. Even rulers in some countries were humans with Draco soul-personalities [others would argue that they are hosted/cacooned by actual fifth dimensional draco bodies that have phase-linked with their human "hosts" - Alan]. The reptilian within my body expanded upon his ideas by saying that the United Nations would be the forum for a central planetary government. United States leaders were in league with Draco allies without realizing it. Some of the leaders of this planet had prepared escape plans to Mars where equipment was already being activated, as well as to other planets and moons in this solar system. Mars has a huge [ancient] underground facility built by the Sirians...

When I came out of this trance several hours later, my body was dehydrated and extremely cold. Disoriented and confused, I did not return to normal for almost two days. In addition, I suffered rectal bleeding, shortness of breath, and severe shivering. Overall, it was NOT a pleasant experience...

The next time Preston used Wilhelm Reich procedures, he brought his tape recorder. An entity calling itself "Tubor" entered my body with such force that I shuddered hard and nearly fell to the floor. Claiming to be the Draco controller of a mission to prepare Earth for occupation, Tubor's main concern was other alien and human influences on the population that might thwart their plans. These reptilian beings were extremely nasty and hostile toward anyone who questioned them. Tubor commented that it was disgusted with my body and detested the way a human felt. Humans were considered to be weak, fragile, and too prone to emotional reactions.

Insisting that I had a contract with them which permitted them to use my body before their official arrival, Tubor said that I was also destined to be a liaison during the invasion. Using a human in this way would allow both sides to understand the mind-set of the other. I had supposedly agreed to this because I was once the Sirian ambassador to their home world as well as Arcturus and a planet called Umo. As a Sirian ambassador, I had successfully negotiated a technology contract between the Draco and Sirians. Sirius A agreed to provide the Draco with high technology in exchange for free trade and passage of their vessels anywhere within the Draco Empire [in other words, they sold out the rest of us as a result of MATERIAL GREED! - Alan]. This contract upset the Orion Confederation because, being controlled by the Draco, they would never be free. The signing of this contract eventually provoked a war between the Orion Confederation and Sirius A which continues to this day... [end]


[FINAL COMMENTARY FROM ALAN ... A few final notes here. Considering that the Dracos AND Grays in general lack any sense of spiritual integrity, and are rather controlled for the most part by their predatory instincts, all efforts to negotiate with them are forever doomed to fail, just as if one were to try to "negotiate" with a cancer tumor. For in every single case that I am aware of, the Dracos and Grays have historically and without exception violated every one of their so-called "treaties" with the human race, and in fact have consistently used these treaties as weapons of infiltration and conquest. Once given an inch, they WILL take a mile, if not more. That is their nature. Even if individual dracos "defect" from the Draconian collective or hive, they should NEVER be given equal or superior status to human beings, but rather should remain always under the constant supervision of human authorities, due to the very nature which has been genetically programmed into them generation after generation. In battle conditions an offer should be made for draco forces to surrender unconditionally, however if they refuse, then their annihilation is justified. Since the dracos will never accept anything other than total reptilian domination of the galaxy and universe, then why should us humans be any different? Once "we" take control of the underground military bases beneath the earth that are absolutely essential as staging bases for maintaining draconian control over much of this galaxy {especially with regards to the engineering/generation of time/space windows which this planet's UNIQUE electromagnetic grid matrix allows}, and confiscate the stolen super technology which exists within these subterranean recesses, then we can train and mobilize our own up-and-coming generations of starship troopers and take the battle back to the draconian home worlds. However, since this warfare is not limited exclusively to the "physical" realm, in that we are fighting simultaneously on a spiritual - psychic - conventional {cosmic} battlefield, we may learn that the military CHAPLAIN will be just as invaluable as the military INTEL agent and GENERAL, if not more so, in this "war".]


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