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All Buckled Up
by Graham Conway (July 1999)


Eva Trent is best described as an "experiencer" from way back. In the twenty-five years that I have known her, the events she has been party to are as diversified as they are mystifying. What took place in January of 1999 is a prime example.

She occupies a small apartment and on this particular night, which she was no different from any other. She retired to her bed at the usual hour. Eva later related that the events that followed are less than crystal clear, but seemed to unfold in this manner.

Having fallen asleep she awoke to a "buzzing sound". Opening her eyes she was horrified to find two strange creatures standing on either side of her bed. The "entity" to her right was about 7-8 feet tall, weighed around 300 pounds, had apparently no clothes on and seemed to have either a crocodile or snake type skin covering. The creature to her left was identical in appearance but smaller in height and weight. They seemed to be communicating in a chirping manner. Each of the visitors’ eyes glowed.

At this point it might be reasonable to suggest that the bizarre scenario being experienced was a very personal view of another reality. Or alternatively, as Dr. Robert Baker is fond of stating, the described event was no more than a classic case of lucid dreaming. Further speculation could dwell upon the fact that, as the room was presumably still in darkness, one might assume that the two "intruders" were emitting some personal illumination if this kind of detail could be visually recorded by the witness.

I should probably add at this point that over the years I have heard numerous other "visitor" accounts from nighttime victims who have been equally puzzled as to how they were able to observe so much detail when no lights were turned on. A realization incidentally, that doesn’t usually strike them until quite sometime after the event took place and when they had time to focus on whatever occurred.

Eva quickly discovered that she was unable to move. As she stared in terror at the two intruders she found that either one or both were giving her instructions telepathically. The nature of this was seemingly for her to create mentally visual scenes of various kinds and then "they" proceeded to distort that particular pleasant scene in a perverse manner. (i.e.) a romantic interlude.

Much later she concluded that the intent was to not only observe her emotional reaction, but also possibly feed off the energy that was produced. After an unknown period of time she became so upset with this ongoing deliberate mind manipulation that she began to mentally resist. Not only did she pray in an earnest fashion, but began to mentally cover herself from head to toe in white light. At this point she detected that two "visitors" were confused by this reaction. A short time later she fell back to sleep. When she awoke the following day it was in a state of physical exhaustion and a confused mind that was not only attempting to put the night events in some sort of order, but alternately accepting and rejecting what she believed to have been a "real" event.

However, the clincher was yet to come. Located about six feet from her bed was an audio cassette storage rack. It stands about three feet high, is four-sided and felt lined. Imagine Eva’s surprise when later that day she went to extract a music tape to play, she discovered five of her precious tapes (inside their plastic cases) were grossly distorted. Of the five, three were badly buckled, as if extreme heat had been applied. On closer examination some interesting contradictions emerge. None of the cassette tapes display any type of unusual odour that one would reasonably expect under such circumstances. Stranger still, despite the intense heat required to create this warping effect, the actual tape (sound) filament shows no sign of having been melted. To cap it all, the felt storage unit lining has no apparent evidence of heat being applied in close proximity. For example, the storage rack in not located anywhere near a radiator. So what can we conclude? Many questions, but few answers. As usual.

During the month of March, I was watching a TV show and during the inevitable commercial break I noticed something that caught my complete attention. A company called Ziploc that produce food storage containers for family kitchen use were demonstrating their products. For the purpose of the TV advertisement they showed one of the Ziploc containers and a "generic" plastic food container of a similar size. Both these two containers they then subjected to microwave heat. To my astonishment the "generic" container buckled in a similar manner to Eva's cassette tapes! Am I therefore to conclude that during her visitation experience that January night a burst of microwave energy was accidentally or purposely emitted to provide a "reality check" for the helpless victim?

Not much more remains to be said other than, no doubt, the reader may wish to know the title of the cassette tapes that were affected. They were as follows: "The Problems of Ego", "A Course in Miracles (3)" and "The Invaders Plan". Honest, I kid you not.

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