I recently came across your website, and I wanted to applaud you for your efforts to get the truth 'out there'.

I thought that I would like to share an experience that I had with a reptilian being, although mine is possibly a little different from those I have read on your website, and I only have partial memories. It is possible that what I do remember are only 'screen' memories, in light of what I recall hearing them say. This experience happened around six years ago. Please let me preface this by saying that I have had encounters with 'visitors' my entire life, I am 45 years old now.

I was asleep in bed, my husband (since divorced), asleep beside me. I was woken out of my sleep, by a familiar vibrational feeling that ran through my whole body. Extremely strong, but not unpleasant, a sort of vibrational/tingling feeling. I was laying on my side facing our bedroom door, which looked onto the corridor, from which was coming this extremely bright whitish light. Even though it was very bright, it didn't hurt my eyes to look into it. I saw different entities coming from this light, into my room.

Oddly enough, I had no fear at that stage... I guess I thought I was half asleep and still dreaming. The next thing that I was consciously aware of was that there were five different beings standing around my bed. All appeared to be very tall, or at least the same height, although I can't now consciously recall what they looked like. I guess by this stage I must have started to feel some fear, because I knew then that I was not sleeping and I lost consciousness. I don't know how long I was like that for, and they must have been communicating with me for some time, because what brought me back to conciousness were these words that I heard one communicating to me. Now I am unsure if this was verbal communication, or by telepathy, I suspect the latter. He said "Sex is nothing to be afraid of, Marianne".

Then I opened my eyes and standing in front of me I saw this reptilian type being. It was his eyes that I saw first. They were, yellowish in colour, and I think that he had a green/yellow coloured body. I could hear them communicating with each other in the background, although I was unaware of what they were saying, this being just totally seemed to be all I could focus on, and I was ok, until he opened his mouth, and I saw that he had really sharp pointed teeth, and then I freaked out. I thought that he was going to eat me! Truely, that was what I thought.

Immediately the other beings started talking again, and I heard one behind me, on the other side of the bed say, "No, she's too scared!" I lost consciousness again, and that was the last I remember, until I woke in the morning. I tried to pass my experience off as just a dream, and was sort of ok, until my daughter came to me a few days later, and told me of an experience she had had that same night - although she nor my ex. knew anything about what I had experienced.

Her experience was seeing these brightly coloured balls of light come floating in her room and 'they' spoke to her. Telling her about me, and that I had some work to do at a later date for them. She wasn't at all scared by this experience, and was adamant that she was awake at the time. However, in light of what she had experienced and what I had experienced the same night, I wasn't able to delude myself that it was a dream. I have since had many encounters with other entities, but have never seen that particular type of being since, at least not consciously.

Yours Sincerely,
Name witheld - New Zealand.

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