Reptoids in Law Enforcement


I live in Seattle and have been an activist for years and I really never realized what we are up against until I was illegally arrested and taken to the King County Jail in Seattle after the WTO protests. I was taken into the jail and at the booking counter I was attacked by the goon squad who held me tightly on my left on my right and from behind and forced me toward the booking counter. I was told just look straight ahead don't look left or right, then I was told to look into the guys eyes behind the booking counter. I did look into his eyes and he backed up shaking his head and wandered off toward my left saying "I can't do it he is too powerful".

Then this African American police officer "shapeshifted" into a reptoid then back to human then reptoid and back to human in front of my eyes. The back of my head felt like it had some kind of psycotronic ray penetrating into my brain and all kinds of strange happenings occured to me while I was in their jail. I was taken to the psyc ward and everybody that was in a certain cell always went off in really strange ways including myself. It was like some sort of energy field that would cause extreme agitation inside this cell. They tried to drug me and send me to Western State Mental Hospital for a 90 day evaluation (neutralization) but I was able to avoid that. Cointelpro is alive and well in America and as you know the people are a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter by a bunch of fools who think they know how to stay in power.

Control the media, control the mind and control the action, also if you repeat a lie long enough it will become the truth. I went to trial and the lying cops were believed by the brain dead jury and it is a lovely criminal justice system that looks at the facts and ignores them. I have remained focused and have not let them scare me into submission, however trying to tell people about these reptoid shapeshifters is very difficult. For example, some so called clients "mental health patients" who can see these shapeshifters.

Sources: My own personal experiences and experiences of friends who I trust to tell the truth no matter what the consequences. (Then I saw those under the alter who were beheaded "chemically lobotomized' (See "Psychiatric Drugs- Hazards to the Brain" by Peter Breggins)for their testimony)

Archive date: 01-06-01
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Supplied by Michael Shupe

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