Let's do some questions
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archived 12-10-99
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"We have seen that the ancients knew
that matter and force were alike, indestructible."
Eliza Burt Gamble ~ God Idea of the Ancients

Let's do some questions.

Questions and Answers

Q: Alex, why did the Andromedans and the Council decide to give the ultimatum to the Ets at a specific time, and why did some of the Council rebel? What is going to happen when everything is turned off?

A: Apparently, the reason why they want to help and so many others want to help is because in your genetics you have a frequency that is attached to different races. I have a frequency that is attached to Andromeda. Just because I may move into another space and time, there is a part of me that is still of attached to them. There is a degree of non-evolution because of the Law of Consistency we all don't move together. At some point, our entire universe including all of the dimensions will implode and we will all "go home" to the Source. This one of the reasons why. The other is because of our genetics. We have something they need, as well. Apparently, when they first met to discuss our solar system, which is along a trade route which moves into the Andromedan galaxy, there were approximately 72 of the 133 planets that met. Just more than half of them agreed to look into it and to help us. The other planetary races didn't want to help us, because from their perspective we don't respect our home, we don't respect themselves and we don't respect each other. From their perspective, what is our value?

I cried when I heard this, because I couldn't make any excuse. This is how a bunch of other races look at us. Fortunately, a majority agreed to help because of the long-term consequences. Basically, that is why they are here. Also, four hundred years into our linear future there is tyranny in our galaxy, and somehow we are directly connected to that event. So, in one way they are really looking out for their own best interests by making sure that something is cleaned up here. They know that as long as the other extraterrestrials are here and continue to manipulate us, we won't move. So, they have to be removed. I asked them, "would you do it by force?" They said, "we would have to". What they would do is enter the earth through the openings at the poles and flush everybody out to the surface. So folks, when you see a reptilian crossing the highway, don't run over him. Just get out of the way. I mean, it could get really really weird here in the next six to eight years.

I mean, you can only hide a truth for so long and then it just screams out, and they are already trying to prepare you for this stuff. A friend told me about a television show called Dark Skies, where they are literally telling you, but they are doing it in such a way that you think "it's just television". I don't watch television, but I always hear about it.

Q: Are you familiar with the book called The Greatest Story Never Told by Lana Cantrell, where she describes us having a green skin and having blood that is copper based, and where she described all these color changes that we went through, based on her research? Did the Andromedans tell you anything that would help us go back to the former color? We apparently used to have multi-strand DNA. Do you know anything about that?

A: I have heard of the book, but I heard it is out of print, and I understand that Miss Cantrell does not return letters. She is just basically in hiding for whatever her reasons are. As far as the DNA, I have been told that those of us who are holding a higher frequency are literally creating a third strand. Most of the children coming in since 1982 already have a third strand. So, this is nature's way of fixing things as long as we're open to it.

Q: How can we help ourselves?

A: I have asked that question, and all Moraney has said is that the information and wisdom already exists on our planet. So, we must ask ourselves about ourselves.

Q: I wonder if you could talk more about the Draconians and the children that are missing? I know you have information and I am hoping you will share it with us today.

A: This is the one subject I don't like to talk about. The Draconians are a very large reptilian race, otherwise known as "the Dracs". There is royal line of the reptilian race called the Ciakar. They range from 14 to 22 feet tall and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. They do have winged appendages and they are awesome beings. They're extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever, and they can also be extremely sinister. They apparently were brought by someone to our time and space, our universe, in full physicality, and dumped here. I don't know who. They were taken to Alpha Draconis because the nature of that place gave them the best chance of survival. So, they were kicked out of some other place. They are a major factor to be reckoned with. They are for the most part Service-to-Self and do not care for the human race, because when they were dumped here they were told that this universe was theirs to command. So, whoever did this really screwed up. They still have this mind set. They were one of the first races to chart our solar system, and in fact they were the first race to state that our solar system belonged to them.

Apparently, some of them still have the attitude that everything in this solar system belongs to them, and I understand that some of them have been coming back, and that more of them will be coming back. It's going to get real interesting, folks. I can't begin to tell you how interesting it's going to get. They have had space travel for 3 billion years, and they are a remarkable race. But, they have an attitude, and a lot of human races inside and outside our galaxy have had problems with them. I don't want to say that all of them are like this, but that is all I have heard from the Andromedans about them. They look like a 22 foot tall veloci-raptor, and they're smart, intelligent and very different from us.

They apparently at one time came across human colonies in Lyrae. Now, the human race, per se, was not created in the Lyraen system. It was brought there to survive, and again from what the Andromedans have told me, for some reason once they go back 427 million years, they just don't know what else is there. For some reason, although the physicality is there, there is no history of races before that. At least, that they know of, in the Lyraen system. Anyway, the Draconians were flying through there are came across these human colonies, which were agricultural in nature. Because of their talents in horticulture, these humans were making the planets better, like gardens. When the Draconians came and saw this incredible wealth of food, they basically wanted to control it. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. The Lyraens wanted to know more about the Draconian race before they gave them what they wanted, and apparently the Draconians misunderstood this request, went back and attacked the planets, blew three of them up and killed a lot of people. The Lyraens were forced to migrate and scatter into different parts of our galaxy. So, the action did facilitate colonization, although I wrestle with whether the Draconians were planted here specifically to force us to evolve, or that there is some other agenda here. I do know that there are other reptilian races that are descendants of the Draconians, and many of them are master geneticists. I am told that most of the dinosaurs were brought here, and to Mars, where they came first. Our current human form was crafted on Mars, where the primate and human genes were combined, and then brought to earth to work as slaves in the mines. So, we're still working for a paycheck.

They enjoy human flesh, and human children best, for two reasons. The first is that children don't have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies that adults do, and when children are put into a state of fear, their energy and field and andrenylin just explodes. The reptilians get a "rush" from this stuff.

You know, be dedicated to family and to each other. That's the only way we are going to get through all of this.

Q: What is it about the human mind that causes some species to want to suppress us so much? What is it that is so unique to the genetic make up? Do they have free will in the same way we do?

A: I don't know that it is so much our minds as it is our extremes of emotions and our essence. They have always stressed that the containment of emotion in physical form is what is most attractive, because they want this due to their loss of passion, and as a result they have become more dependent on technology. Here we are, getting deeper and deeper into physicality, when in fact we have the ability to just leave all of this behind. So, we are not correctly using our power as a race. We are wasting it. As far as our free will as compared to the free will of other races, it is one and the same. It's just that we don't as a population have the realization of the power of our collective free will. We don't totally realize the sovereignty that our free will gives us. That is why they are manipulating us through belief systems in order to try and get is to relinquish our free will, by coercing us to use our own free will against us and ask them to come down here and control us. It's a choice.

Q: What about implants?

A: As far as implants are concerned, what I do know is that there are a lot of races that have been abducting people and putting implants into them, and it is a sign or seal of ownership. Ok? They feel that they own you. Now, the Greys have done this a lot, because the United States Government gave them permission to do it. We were sold out, basically. I do know that many of the implants can be neutralized using a very strong ultra-violet light.

Q: Have the Andromedans given you any "signposts" that we might recognize on a cultural level that might indicate that certain changes are about to happen?

A: Well, the earthquakes are signs and volcanic activity is a sign. In cultural terms, when you start to see large groups of people resigning from world government, that will be your biggest sign that the shit is about to hit the fan. Many of our world leaders have been promised shelter in underground facilities and some have been promised shelter even on the moon. And folks, there are bases on the moon that have been built by the United States, Russia and the British, using British money. I suggest you keep an eye on Prince Charles.

Q: Why?

A: Just watch. Just watch.

Q: When you spoke about the transition when going from fourth density to fifth density, how are we going to know that we made that transition?

A: We live in a color spectrum of 72 frequencies. When you get to fifth density, there are 223 color frequencies. You will see colors that you have never seen before and it will be (snap!) just like that. You will know that you are there. When MacDonalds has purple arches, then you will know.

Q: Do the Andromedans have a military, and do they have a financial system anything like ours?

A: No, they have no financial system. Everything that they create technologically is used for the advancement of their race. It is for educational purposes only. But, it can be used in defense. No, they do not have a military, per se, they are scientists. What they do is send their children to school anywhere from 150 to 200 years, in our linear time. They teach their students all of the arts and sciences. They are literally masters at everything. Then, at that point, they have the choice in what it is they want to do, and they can change their minds anytime and do something else. So, they are given all the tools. Everything is for education. Nothing is for distraction. They would never conceive of creating television as a distraction. Never. Everything is to help them evolve, and their science and their technology can be used for defensive purposes -- mostly the holographic stuff.

Q: I am wondering if you could elaborate on the Draconians and Hale-Bopp a little bit.

A: What I have shared is really all I know. I just know that life is going to be very different here. The media says it is a 'comet'. It's not a comet. I can tell you that it has split into two pieces, and both pieces are rotating around a common axis as its moving. I have heard, but not confirmed, that an astronomer has seen a large craft that is now flying alongside Hale-Bopp, that is larger than the earth. So, if it doesn't change course, its going to be great. All the denial will be gone.

Q: I understand the Andromedans have a version of the story of Enki and En-Lil, and I wonder if you could tell us anything about that.

A: That's a long answer. Actually, my understanding is that the two brothers have really warred with each other over a lot of other issues. We just happen to be one of them. What they have told me is that Enki was betrayed and killed, and that his body is literally buried inside the face (tomb) on Mars. Now, whether he has reincarnated again, I don't know. Basically, what we have to deal with right now is En-lil, but fortunately truth is starting to come out about all of that. People are beginning to wake up and realize all the contradictions in the old testament, and even some of the contradictions in the new testament, and they are starting to question -- which is a very good sign. You know, Vasais once said to me, "it is not so important as to what you believe as it is why you believe it." Whatever your belief is, make sure it is worth your depth of commitment to it. I think what we've done as a race is that we've accepted a lot of things just on face value, without truly investigating it, or trying to feel it inside of us. This (habit) has gotten us into a lot of trouble. For example, during the Inquisition. The Inquisition was really an attack against women. It was about the sacredness and spirituality held by women. A lot of men got killed because they were supportive of goddess worship

Q: This scenario that you are laying out before us exists on this timeline. What have the Andromedans said about any parallel timeline where this doesn't happen?

A: They haven't said anything. I know that there are parallel realities, and I know that several parallel realities concerning Earth are already in existence on higher octaves above us. I know that on one of these parallel realities the New World Order is already established and exists. The Nazi flag flies over the whole world. I want you to know that as third density begins to implode, that all of those realities will begin moving and merging into this original timeline, which is the reality from which the other ones were created. All the other parallel timelines will be returning to Source. The Andromedans have said that the New World Order will come into reality here, but only for a short time as we keep moving. As long as we stick together and help one another, and as long as we have mutual respect for each other, we will not slow down our process as we move up into the higher dimension and consciousness of world unity in our free will. Not being forced at the point of a gun to do it. Not having to relinquish your right to do it.

Here in the United States, a lot of people are worried about the Russians, the Hong Kong police and the New World Order. Let me tell you something, folks. You are losing your country in the court room every day. It's in the court room, with corrupt judges and institutionalized corruption, and will tell you this. If you allow the Congress and the President to take away the second amendment, you will loose all your other rights. I don't believe in carrying a gun and killing anyone, but the founding fathers knew about corruption, and they knew about tyranny, and the reason the second amendment is there is to protect all the other rights.

Until we consciously make the shift and change everybody else's perspective, I am afraid from my perspective that its a necessary evil. But, that's my perspective, Ok? You have done so much in so short a time, but you have to understand that when you have a Draconian or Orion belief system, there is no such thing as free will and self-rule in their control.

The reason we have been able to get away with it for so long is because we are out here on the rim of the galaxy, in the boondocks. They are just now starting to come around and realize that the consciousness of the planet is starting to change. It is what has attracted a lot of the races to this place right now. What also attracted them was our use of nuclear weapons, which not only affect third density, but also fourth and fifth. It send a shock wave through there, and we were totally irresponsible in our ignorance. We didn't know what we were doing, and that is why a lot of the races began to show up en masse to find out what was going on down here. Again, I only have pieces of the puzzle.

Q: Many of us are wondering how we can make contact that feels safe and loving?

A: I am asked this a lot, and all I can suggest to you is this. You can literally be and create anything you want. If you want contact, then you must create the space for it to happen. Show the intent to do it, and be in integrity.

Q: On your tapes you talk about how if we have 10% consensus on the planet that it will be enough to move us through the transition, and you also mention an exercise that they taught you about seeing yourself inside out. I am interested in more information about that.

A: I was given an exercise by them which I do every day. You know, they never give me answers about myself, and it really pisses me off sometimes, because we're earth humans and we're always looking for short cuts. Anyway, the exercise was to get myself into a humble, sincere space, and to mentally grab the balls of my feet and literally turn my body inside out, so that everything that was on the outside is inside and everything that was inside is now outside. You know you are doing it right when you suddenly see yourself upside down. Very carefully detach yourself and look at who you are. Just work with it. That's the only exercise they have given me.

Q: Do you know if there are exact mathematical ratios, such as Phi ratios, in those holographic symbols you showed us before?

A: I have never asked that question before. I will ask for the specific tones, dimensions and frequencies and give them to Val Valerian, so that he can put it on the web or get it to you.

Q: There is a lot of controversy about the use of weapons, especially in light of mutual respect for everyone. Do the Andromedans have a perspective relative to personal weapons and any part they would play in the changes forthcoming?

A: That's a very good question, and not an easy one. They have said that we destroy ourselves in ignorance, and I understand that weapons are not a good idea, and I believe that. However, let's look at the reality that we are in, Ok? There have been many holy, spiritual men that have been murdered. They literally went to their death literally holding unconditional love, and that's great. However, and this is my perspective, if somebody is coming in my front door to harm my family, I'm taking them out, and I'll make no bones about it. But, they would have to be coming after my family. The Andromedans are not happy with our society -- with any of it, but they realize that we cannot defend ourselves. That is why they and other groups are contemplating intervention, and we do have a serious threat. You can hold the space of love, but at the same time you can hold the space of sovereignty and defiance of tyranny. What good is unconditional love when it is being totally suppressed on the planet?

Q: If we take that attitude, don't we then create a situation where we have to come back and "do it from the other side"? Do we just get caught up in the cause and effect?

A: It could be very possible. I really don't have an answer for that. Like I said, I've got my stuff and I'm working it out.

Q: Are the holographic symbols you drew on the board considered a universal language, or are they only part of the Andromedan culture? Also, are the Andromedans taught to focus on those symbols in order to create reality?

A: Good question. I do not know if they are universal symbols. Again, I have only met two other races along with the Andromedans, and I did not speak with them but I saw them and later was told who they were. One was a group from Cygnus Alpha and the other was a very different-looking being from the Cassiopeia system. I did not know the communications that were going on. As far as the symbols are concerned, as far as I know it only involves their language, and it is only one of many forms that they use. I don't know if the other races use the symbols or know about all of them. It could very well be that when the council gets together that they have interpreters who interpret the holographs. I don't know.

Q: Please tell us a little about what you have observed on how the Andromedans interact with their children.

A: They treat their children like adults. I understand that they give birth in water, that their gestation period is eight months, that the children come out and they have full memory of who they were the life before that one. So, there is a continuous evolution, life after life after life. Now, during the period between incarnations, and I don't know if this happens for all beings on fifth density or not, the oldest and the wisest who have the most experience teach the youngest. There is no situation where they withhold anything. This is the Law of Consistency. The children know everything their parents know, and even more. There is no attitude with the parents, because this is something they want. Their pride is in their race, and I wish we had the same philosophy.

Q: When you were with them for three months, what did you observe in the park?

A: They would sit in circles. Again, they are telepathic, so they would just be in circles, and you would see them nodding, smiling and laughing. But, there's no sound, so I can't tell you what they were saying. It would be like attending a convention of deaf mutes. You have no clue what's going on, but I am sure they are talking about incredible things, things probably way over my head. Most things are, actually. Anyway, the Andromedans treat their children like adults, and they teach them everything from a very young age. They go to school for 150 years. God, you have to pick up some stuff after doing that! There's no "home economics" or stuff like that -- it's real educational stuff. No "car mechanics 102" or anything like that.

Q: My question has to do with the seeding of this planet originally. You mentioned that the Andromedans were here 62,000 years ago. Do you know about any symbols which may involve the re-awakening of latent genetic potentials in the human population? Also, is there any relationship between what was going on in Lemuria to the presence of the Andromedans on earth during that time period?

A: At that point in time, Lemuria was in existence and Atlantis was just beginning to be colonized. Now, according to the Andromedan perspective, Atlantis was an extraterrestrial colony and Lemuria was also. However, there were some of us Terrans there also, and we were servants, more or less. Some of the stronger genetic aspects of our race were used as a "priesthood" to keep the other humans in line. If you go back and you look at history through Sumeria, Egypt and even today, you see this. Today, the new "priesthood" is the world bankers. They have total control of your life on a monetary physical level. It's hard to do anything on this planet without money. As far as latent DNA and latent memories, I have been told that there will be a point where as the frequency increases, we will start to remember things. There are children today who remember things and can speak all these languages that are not earth languages. Some of these languages are extinct languages that some of these children just know. Its the latent memory in the DNA that is coming out. More and more of this will be occurring. I know of a woman who has contacted me who lives in Tennessee. She has a child who came to her one day and said, "you know, Mom, if I were to reverse engineer a nuclear bomb and explode it, it would draw all the radiation out of here." This kid is six years old. You know, there are children in Egypt today who are walking out into the desert and showing archaeologists things, saying things like, "I remember that there was a library there." And, sure enough, they would find the foundation. Our government, because of its satellite technology, might know this. But, there is no way a ten year old child would know this. So, the world powers have a real serious problem. People are waking up, and it's great. Our heritage has been denied to us, and we have been robbed of it. Don't let it go. We need to know who we are.

Q: You said before that the reptilians were interested in the children because of what they got from them, but it would seem that an advanced technology such as theirs would be able to clone their food, or clone supplements?

A: All right. I want you to look at this idea. When is anything that is a clone as good as the original? Ok? What you fail to realize is yes, they can create clones, and they do have human clones, but you cannot put a soul into it. You may grow an organic processor in the brain, get them to act and everything, but there is no soul attached to it. As long as there is no soul, you don't have true emotion. If I were to go over there and do something that would scare the hell out of you, you would have a very serious emotional rush. The reptilians are addicted to the peaking of that emotional rush. It's like a narcotic to them, because they don't have it. They're numb. They are "all in their head", in self-imposed isolation.

Q: Do they terrify the children?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any information that would shed light on the mystery of gravity on this plane? Will it disappear when the frequency changes?

A: The Andromedan perspective on gravity is that it is created by radiation from the sun. We are told that it is because of the rotation of the planet on its axis. They say that any physical body that is 29 miles or larger has a gravitational field. They have gravity on the Andromedan craft, and I assume that it is there so they can get more done and so they are not just floating all over the place. As we move into higher density, my feeling is that we will deal with a different aspect of gravity than the gravity we know. It might be a different field strength, but we will have different physical form as well.

Q: They display mutual respect and love, but I would like to know how they do that. The second question is that in our society, all of our myths and legends seem to be "blueprints" for our lives. Do they have myths and legends? If you could get that information to Val, I would love to have that.

A: They don't have a concept of "myth". They only call it history. I will give those to Val. You're right, there is a lot, but its history. We have taken truth and shrouded it as myth, because we're hiding an agenda. How do they show mutual respect? They just honor every aspect of life, and everyone else's life. Because they are so evolved, there is no such thing as crime there. There are no such things as "laser shootings" on a mother ship. They need for nothing. Anything that they need is given to them for evolvement, and they all work towards that. They wouldn't thing of leaving somebody behind. I will give you a good example of that, too.

There was a ship that was apparently shot down in 1985. In it was a human being from Tau Ceti, who literally got too close to the earth and was shot down. I understand that our military took him underground somewhere in North Dakota where they started doing so really horrific things to him. Moraney told me that a Tau Ceti fleet of ships wanted to come in and invade our planet, particularly North Dakota, to get this guy back. It was literally the Andromedans and a benevolent group of Pleaidians that stepped in and said, "no, not yet, it's not the time." That's mutual respect. Mutual respect is not leaving POWs in Vietnam because you promise a government three billion dollars. It's not leaving men in North Korea because you lied and you're dealing drugs and you don't want the population to find out about it. That's not mutual respect.

Those are characteristics we need to look at, because there are today, 117 men still left as POWs, but they are not in Vietnam, but are instead being held in Northern Laos. There are also three men being held from the Korean War being held in North Korea, and our government knows about all of it. A lot of the POWs were used for scientific experiments. We did it to some of their guys, using drugs, LSD, etc. They've done some pretty horrific things to our people. These are all really issues of character. It's one thing to hear about it on the news, or to listen to Joyce Riley talk about the Gulf War Syndrome and how our guys have been betrayed, or to sit in your living room and say "that's terrible." But, what you don't understand is that we are very carefully being watched by some incredible races, both good and bad, and they are watching us and our characteristics. What we will do and what we will not do. They are measuring our honor and intent as a race. It's not just about "us" any more. It's about every thing. I know you are probably being taught that, so when you hear stuff like this, please don't go into your little box, OK? Those people have families and children, just like you do now, and it was all taken away because they were betrayed, and betrayal is a major issue that we are all going to have to deal with when the truth does finally come screaming out, Ok? We have been betrayed, and we are going to have to come together and find a way to totally forgive that, so that we can move on. But, in the act of forgiving it, it is important not to allow it to happen again, to be more diligent.

Now, I am so tired. The earth change material is on the internet on the Leading Edge website. Most of you already know this stuff. You're looking for specific dates and times. That's not important. It's all coming, but it is all a probability as to when. All right? But, there are so many negatively polarized people on the planet at this time that it is almost assuredly going to happen at this point.

Q: Where is the second sun?

A: It is behind the sun that we see. It is smaller than the sun we see and lies behind it. If you are standing on Mars, you see it, ok? Now, the reason our planet was moved is because the planet could not handle the radiation from two suns after the last war. So, they moved it. When I asked Moraney who moved the earth, his response was that it was something the Pleaidians had to answer. So, I don't know if there is an agreement for them to bring this information out, or if they were responsible for it. I don't know. But, apparently the evidence of the presence of the second sun is coming out.

I want to end this talk by reading an Indian prayer (shown instead at the beginning of this book). I have a very deep respect for the native Americans, and I think that they're great, and that they have really tried to hold on to their integrity through it all, and that they themselves still have major prejudices with the white race. Whether this a justified or not, what happens to us happens to them, so we all need to drop it, come to the table, and bring with us all the wisdom we have, in order to deal with the situations that are coming. There are still some Native Americans that choose to withhold information regarding the star nations and star races. That's fine, but there will be others coming up behind them to make sure that humanity gets the information, because we have to know the truth. It is the only way we can make the right decision.

You cannot make the correct decision with only half the truth. It's still the wrong decision, or it could still backfire because we don't know all the pieces of the puzzle. From what little I do know, if appears that all of you are truly blessed to be able to come to a school like this, and get the information that you need, so that you can go out and teach others. Folks, I want to stress this again. It is imperative that you take the knowledge that you have, that you have been given, and you teach others. We are running out of time.

We can really turn this around, but we have to do it right away, and we have to be committed to it. Time, as we know it, is so short. I don't think that it is fair that two thirds of the planet are not going to make it because they have not been told the truth. It just isn't fair. There are a lot of good people on the planet who are real simple people, and they're not being told the truth. Now, they may not want to believe it, but that's all right. At least you put it out there, and they made a choice. But, unless it's put out there, they won't know that there's a choice. That's all you can do. You're not really responsible for anybody else but yourself.

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