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archived 12-09-99
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Jeff Rense - Sightings Interviews

Heidi Hollis
November 14, 1999

Jeff Rense: So you're in Milwaukee, tonight and you've met some new friends and you want to bring one of those friends on the program.

Joyce Murphy: Yes, I really do. This is the neatest young lady that I've met in a long, long time. She just finished college as an Occupational Therapist and got her degree in that. She's not too actively looking for a job right now because she's just written a book just as soon as she graduates from college. It's hard to imagine a woman this age that would put her whole life into writing a book. She has a very interesting story as to why she's written this book. It's information that was given to her by the Elohim aliens that we've all heard about. She's been trained for as long as she can remember, she's gone on board craft and been trained for the times that are about to hit Planet Earth right now. So she really, really has a story. She's just produced a public access tv show that's about to go nationwide. She's right now just sort of biding her time. We have so many stories in common, you wouldn't believe. We've just talked and talked and talked. I couldn't wait for you to meet

Jeff Rense: For you to say that, it catches my attention. Alright, you want to introduce her?

Joyce Murphy: Yes. Her name is Heidi Hollis and I think you're really going to enjoy talking to her and I think the listeners are really going to enjoy her story.

Jeff Rense: Hello, Heidi, are you there?

Heidi Hollis: Hello there.

Jeff Rense: How are you?

Heidi Hollis: Just dandy, how about yourself.

Jeff Rense: You don't sound in the least nervous.

Heidi Hollis: Well, that's good.

Jeff Rense: No time to be nervous, aye? You just got out of college?

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, I finished the internship. The nightmare is over.

Jeff Rense: Don't scare off our young listeners.

Heidi Hollis: I'm sorry.

Jeff Rense: There had to be something good about it.

Heidi Hollis: It was a good experience, it was.

Jeff Rense: Well, you're doing something good with all that knowledge. But there are people who come out of college much the better for it. Tell us about yourself and how you got involved in all this paranormal business.

Heidi Hollis: I really had no choice but to get involved because I'm one of those people who recalls where I was before I was ever born.

Jeff Rense: Are we talking about past life?

Heidi Hollis: Not really so much as past life because it was before I was ever born into any life.

Jeff Rense: Really, really past, past life. I think I know where you're going. . We've had a couple people on the program that have talked about what it was like to way, way back. Way, way back was just... light.

Heidi Hollis: I remember being part of what I know to be source. All thoughts equal one. The idea passed through to come here and help with the transition that's about to take place. I said I'd come and before I could change my mind, I was shooting right over here.

Jeff Rense: How many physical incarnations? This your first, then?

Heidi Hollis: This is my third physical. I've been trained in different types of forms, though. That sounds strange, I know.

Jeff Rense: No, we're open to anything here. This is your third recognizably human physical incarnation?

Jeff Rense: Oh, no, not human, this is my second human.

Heidi Hollis: Second human, third incarnation... The other time was something else?

Jeff Rense: Oh, yeah.

Heidi Hollis: And you have access to that data?

Jeff Rense: I have access to the things that I need right now. It's kind of like cheating to know the whole story. We're allowed to remember certain parts as it's needed, not altogether.

Jeff Rense: Who's making the decisions to allow you to remember certain things?

Heidi Hollis: Kind of myself, and it's kind of the law of the universe.

Jeff Rense: So universal consciousness is connected to everyone and, to you, it's allowed you to see what you're able to see.

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, you could say that.

Jeff Rense: Just to keep it simple.

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, just keep it simple.

Jeff Rense: I'm sure it's far more complex than that. Okay, transition. Everybody's talking about changes. Everything is changing. Time is going faster, the end of the millennium and all that. What is really in Heidi's perception, going on and what is the time table?

Heidi Hollis: The time table is not anything that I've been given directly. The year 2012 sticks out prominently. Things can change and alter as we move things along, but we have to move time along to go a certain way, ourselves. To say it definitive date, no, I don't have that. The beings that I work with do not propose to know the exact date either. They're kind of waiting, also. As to what's going to happen, it's very much like the vibrations. You've heard many people speak about the vibrations need to rise and raise up...

Jeff Rense: Allegedly, the earth's Schuman resonance which is the living earth's own energy is higher now. It used to be about 7.83 htz, it's now 10 some people say.

Heidi Hollis: Oh, really.

Jeff Rense: The vibrational rate of the planet itself, supposedly has gone up about 20%.

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, and as those earth changes happen, everything resonates at a certain vibration and as those vibrations change, we also change.

Jeff Rense: It would have to change

Heidi Hollis: Our molecules are not going to hold together exactly the same and we're going to rearrange.

Jeff Rense: Ergo, the transformation. We're in transformation in a physical, vibrational level as well as a spiritual level. I guess it's a chicken and an egg thing also, isn't it?

Heidi Hollis: You could say that. There are a lot of different changes that are going to have to take place.

Jeff Rense: Are they going to be, as many people suggest, violent changes in your estimation?

Heidi Hollis: Well, it's going to get pretty ugly for a little bit but it is going to actually get better and even out eventually in the end. Things will be okay, I tell people. It's going to be pretty dismal in the beginning but...

Jeff Rense: Talk's cheap, Heidi, now let's be honest..

Heidi Hollis: [Laughing] I know. I tell people, it's going to seem pretty hopeless and that things are not going to seem...

Jeff Rense: Many people would suggest it already seems that way.

Heidi Hollis: Right. And it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Jeff Rense: Okay. I often ponder how much lower it can go, you look at the internet, you look at television. But it does always seemingly find a way to go even lower every few months. It just creeps down another notch or half-notch. Is that a fair estimation?

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, that's a fair estimation and it's going to look pretty nasty for a little bit.

Jeff Rense: On the other hand, there are bright spots and there are wonderful people doing wonderful things. There is goodness among humankind that needs to be promoted at every possible opportunity which is the higher self. The question is: how many people have access to and care to consult with the higher self in this maelstrom we're in?

Jeff Rense: We'll pause and be right back, with Heidi in just a couple of minutes.

Jeff Rense: Alright, we're back talking with Heidi. Heidi, what would you describe yourself as? How would you describe yourself? Who are you and what are you about?

Heidi Hollis: The main thing that I recall when I volunteered to come here was to help in the transition and that's where this vibrational level is going to be destroyed and things are going to move on. When you hear about the beings that are trying to save the Planet Earth and replenish the earth's resources, it's way too late for that sort of thing right now. The decent beings are the ones that are talking about salvaging the only thing that's worth salvaging and that's the humans, the human souls, the human spirits. They're preparing a place for people to go to when this time happens.

Jeff Rense: Is it going to be a physical manifestation in another place or a spiritual manifestation? Are we going to be extracted physically, or spiritually, or both?

Heidi Hollis: There's going to be a variety of things that will happen. But it's going more to the point that these physical bodies are going to change and we're going to become a more spiritual body. The molecules or whatever are going to rearrange and it's going to be the death of this physical body. For some people it's going to be so smooth, they won't even notice the difference.

Jeff Rense: We'll step out of a cocoon and be something different.

Heidi Hollis: You could say that.

Jeff Rense: But it won't be overwhelming

Heidi Hollis: For some people it won't. For others that have ties to these other more rotten beings, it's going to be difficult for them to get through.

Jeff Rense: Okay, do we need a scorecard to keep track of all the different ET races that are here now meddling and doing whatever it is they are doing? They are not all here working together as a single-minded group. There are obviously different aliens with different kinds of agendas.

Heidi Hollis: There are several different kinds with different agendas and it doesn't really matter about keeping up a score card about which ones are doing what. You can just close your eyes and lump some into one group and others into the other. There are pretty much opposing groups when you think about who's working with whom. Personally, I'm working with a being in particular, his name is C*** that my roommate and myself are speaking with.

Jeff Rense: How is this speaking being done?

Heidi Hollis: The speaking is being done via channelling, you could call it. It was quite by accident how we came across him. To make a long story short, my friend who was not totally into the subject, not unless she was just making fun of me. One day she was driving to school and a being jumped on the hood of her car and stuck his head through the windshield.

Jeff Rense: It didn't break the windshield.

Heidi Hollis: No.

Jeff Rense: How did I know that?

Heidi Hollis: It was a sparkling, see through being that was very not physical and it was kind of like an introductory being to what was to come.

Jeff Rense: Sounds like it might have had a sense of humor.

Heidi Hollis: That one was pretty plain and straight.

Jeff Rense: That's sort of an 'in your face' introduction, isn't it?

Heidi Hollis: Right. But the being that followed that is the one that we have the most contact with. She always meditated, and I didn't know she meditated. And she felt the need to meditate after we were discussing what had happened earlier that day when that being stuck his head through the windshield. She's Hispanic and she has a very strong accent. When she started meditating like right there in the car, we were sitting by the lake talking about what happened. Her accent reduced, her posture changed and he introduced himself. I'm like, 'Okay, she's pulling a good one on me. Okay, quit shoveling this one. You got me good.'

Jeff Rense: Her voice changed?

Heidi Hollis: Her voice changed.

Jeff Rense: Were you ready to jump out of the car?

Heidi Hollis: I was a little stunned, I didn't know what to think about it all.

Jeff Rense: How long ago did this happen, Heidi?

Heidi Hollis: That was two years ago.

Jeff Rense: That was your introduction to it all?

Heidi Hollis: That was my introduction to him. Since then he has given us tons of information that he said was for our ears only until it ... the time was right. I was like, "What the heck, you're telling us all this stuff?" He told us all the agendas of all the people, Stonehenge, crop circles, pyramids, all these things. I said, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Jeff Rense: He said, "Well, your book will turn out nicely."

Heidi Hollis: I said, "Who's writing a book? I'm in school, I've got enough to do!"

Jeff Rense: And this was coming through your friend?

Heidi Hollis: This was coming through my friend but also something happened about a month into us having the initial contact with him. I started having pictures flash into my head of him. I'm an artist and my friend was an artist, too. I said, hold on, let me draw what I'm seeing here. I drew the room that he was sitting in and she drew it at a separate location. I said, Oh, my God, we're both having a contact, here! So she and I have been having this direct contact with him. The initial night that I saw him, he projected an image of himself into the car. Now that's when I was ready to take off!

Jeff Rense: He projected a hologram?

Heidi Hollis: He projected a hologram.

Jeff Rense: What did he look like?

Heidi Hollis: The hologram was not very clear to me and he said I just have weak human eyes. It was just like a brown smoky cloud in the car. Since then, I've seen him. He looks very similar to the greys but he'll be the first to tell you he's not related. He does not like what they're up to.

Jeff Rense: He considers them to be lowlifes?

Heidi Hollis: He considers them to be pretty rotten, I'll just leave it at that. His features are very similar to the greys but his features are a little bit more softer and rounder and he's a fleshy pink color.

Jeff Rense: Where's he from?

Heidi Hollis: He has not found the need to translate that. I probably wouldn't know where he was talking about anyway.

Jeff Rense: We'll be right back and continue with Heidi in just a couple of minutes.

Jeff Rense: Alright, Heidi, the mass of data you have gotten from this individual is in book form, now? Is it finished?

Heidi Hollis: It is finished! That's one of my biggest goals right now, to get that published. I'm looking for a publisher. That is when I'll be allowed to speak more freely on the details of the agendas of the different things.

Jeff Rense: Now, is this person that you're in contact with, aware of your background, only two human incarnations? Is he sort of your handler, or did you know this person?

Heidi Hollis: He was one of my main trainers when I was there. When I first came out of the source, I went to be trained by beings like himself. There are so many different types of beings that are from this ship and that work on this ship. They gave me my basis to work from.

Jeff Rense: You were trained on a ship. If you've had two human incarnations, it would suggest that the ship has been around for a very long time, at least in terms of linear time.

Heidi Hollis: It's been around a long time. It's very huge. It cannot come close to the earth's atmosphere because it would throw us off kilter just a tad.

Jeff Rense: Why don't our sensors pick it up?

Heidi Hollis: Oh, they do. They know about it but they wouldn't want to mess with it, that's for sure.

Jeff Rense: Now, approximately where is it? Outside the moon? Inside the moon's orbit?

Heidi Hollis: They do have areas that they hang around. They go out all over the place. But they do go around the moon. They do send a lot of scout ships, I guess you could call it, because there's a hole that the government was digging to get closer to the lovely reptilians, the most rottenest beings you can think of. They do have certain areas that they focus on.

Jeff Rense: Why are all of these different civilizations interested in this troubled little planet? What's the attraction here?

Heidi Hollis: I have to say it but that's a lot of the information that they won't allow me to speak on right now, just yet.

Jeff Rense: Is it going to be in the book?

Heidi Hollis: Yes, yes.... It's not a ploy to get any kind of special attention or anything.

Jeff Rense: I understand, I don't hear that in your voice.

Heidi Hollis: Nothing else matters. After recalling who I was and why I came here, nothing else matters to me. I know what I need to do and put out so people can at least have access to that information so they'll know what to do.

Jeff Rense: Why? But why if everything's going to change? Why?

Heidi Hollis: So people will know the face of their help and not to trust what they're seeing.

Jeff Rense: So people shall know....

Heidi Hollis: They need to know the face of what's here to help them.

Jeff Rense: In other words, the good guys from the bad guys.

Heidi Hollis: Exactly. They really need to be on top of it.

Jeff Rense: Will ET reality be manifested in no uncertain terms soon?

Heidi Hollis: It will be very soon.

Jeff Rense: I mean it already is in the opinion of many but according to where the government can no longer play its games, hide and seek?

Heidi Hollis: Oh, yeah. And another thing that I'm working on right now to try to make this an issue for every type of person, I, myself, are part of the Generation X population and also a part of the African American and for some reason, I do not see a whole lot of interaction or action going on amongst those two groups that I happen to be a part of. This is a world issue. This is involving everyone. I'm trying to bring a little bit of interest there. I go to a lot of different conferences whenever I can. And I always seem to be the youngest and I always seem to be the only brown one there.

Jeff Rense: The whole ET experience doesn't seem to involve Black Americans on a very large scale that we've heard about today.

Heidi Hollis: Everyone's involved.

Jeff Rense: See, that's my knowledge of it. But we don't hear about it very often. On this program we've discussed it a few times but just reading the literature, you wouldn't see it.

Heidi Hollis: I speak to a lot of my black friends. I'm black, too, so it's like, "Come on, come on, what's the reason, why don't you mention it?" It's like, "I don't want to. I've got enough to worry about."

Jeff Rense: There's some truth to that.

Heidi Hollis: We're also a little more critical amongst each other when it comes to stuff like that because religion is very, very driven home with us. It's very close to us. If you talk about anything outside of that, it's demonic.

Jeff Rense: Your message wouldn't exactly be welcome with open arms in much of the black community, let alone the white community.

Heidi Hollis: Oh, I know it, I know it. But I don't get hate. I get a lot of questions, I get a lot of challenges, but not to be nasty with me or anything.

Jeff Rense: Yeah, they'd rather ignore it. It's such a powerful concept, ignoring it is probably easier than trying to confront it.

Heidi Hollis: But it's all good. People say to-ma-to, I say tomato. Hey we're all talking about the same thing here. The beings that I speak with talk about God all the time. You talk about angels that mention God too, so it's all the same.

Jeff Rense: Okay, environmentally, the planet... this was told to me years ago by some very bright scientists, it's too late. I hate to say that, and I don't necessarily, 100% feel that way. My personal feelings I keep out of it but that's what I've heard. Certainly the indications are, the scientific evidence would tend to support that if you look at it objectively, things are in a downward spiral. The interconnectedness of it all is such that it is an irreversible spiral because of the trashing of the planet. You can't just trash part of the planet. It doesn't work that way.

Heidi Hollis: It is. The beings that are trying to save it are trying to save it for themselves because they are going to get rid of the people that are here...

Jeff Rense: The lizards?

Heidi Hollis: The lizards and there's a bigger, badder force that I can't speak too much in detail on just yet but they're much worse and they pull the strings of those lizards.

Jeff Rense: So they want to broom us out of here and take the place over, keep a few of us.... worse?

Heidi Hollis: There's even worse.

Jeff Rense: I assume they'd want to keep a few of us around as slaves or snacks.

Heidi Hollis: Yeah, you could say that. And it even goes deeper and older.

Jeff Rense: That's not the title of your book, is it? "Slaves or Snacks?"

Heidi Hollis: [Laughing] No, not yet, I was thinking of that as a little subtitle.

Jeff Rense: Well, give me credit, now, will you? So the book is... I have a feeling this book will find a publisher without too much trouble.

Heidi Hollis: I hope so. People can check out the outline of my book at my website on www.ufo2u.com and I run a UFO group by that name, and the TV show is called UFO2U TV. Just trying to put it out there anyway I can with out exactly saying all of it because I'm not allowed to just yet. I'm trying to do the best I can until it's in hard print.

Jeff Rense: Do you have confederates out there that are also sort of being muzzled right now to a degree? Are there others or are you it?

Heidi Hollis: No, there are 64 from this ship alone that I was trained on. A lot of people, they can't handle it; they kill themselves; they go crazy. Or they just want to be like everybody else and blend in.

Jeff Rense: Yeah, they want to have a good time.

Heidi Hollis: Exactly, they give in.

Jeff Rense: Alright, hold on, Heidi and we'll be right back.

Jeff Rense: And we've been talking this hour, courtesy of Joyce Murphy, to Heidi who has quite an interesting story and she tells it as you have noticed straightaway, with no pretense.

Heidi Hollis: There's one question that Joyce had asked me that she wanted me to mention? She had asked me, because I'm able to spot reptilians that are hidden pretty easily, she asked me if I could explain you're able to pick them out.

Jeff Rense: I'm getting... yes, yes, we'll do that. I'm getting more reports, email, from people saying that they've been around others who will start to shake and tremble because later on they'll find out that that other person had seen someone turning into a lizard and then back again. Is this...?

Heidi Hollis: That is one way, that they do tremor oddly. Another thing is that they are very uncomfortable in their bodies. They'll move very robotic-like. They have a very erect posture. They get odd twitches in their head and neck, sometimes in their hands and feet. They get uncomfortable around people that work with the beings that are just opposite of them, that are decent. They don't like that. They're pretty easy to spot.

Jeff Rense: Is this just a case, in some cases, of humans somehow reconnecting with their reptilian consciousness that is within us all? Or is this somehow a walk-in kind of a situation?

Heidi Hollis: There are the reptilians literally pull the strings of people like puppets. Some walk-in and some are simply reptilians that know how to shapeshift.

Jeff Rense: Do they really shift into human form? Or do they just cause those viewing them to see them in human form?

Heidi Hollis: No, they can shapeshift. They really shapeshift.

Jeff Rense: That causes twitches and head shaking.... they are not comfortable.

Heidi Hollis: They are not comfortable in their bodies, and also they get transmissions from their people - they're receiving when they get twitches like that some times.

Jeff Rense: Do they live under the ground here and have they been here for a long time? Since Day One?

Heidi Hollis: Ohh... not since Day One but they've been here a long time.

Jeff Rense: They moved in?

Heidi Hollis: They moved in and this is not the first planet they've done this to.

Jeff Rense: We don't like reptilians, do we, Heidi, at all?

Heidi Hollis: No we don't. My first incarnation into a life form was to go to a planet that the reptilians had done what they are doing here so I would know what to do when I got here. That planet was destroyed.

Jeff Rense: Physically?

Heidi Hollis: Oh, yeah, it's gone. There's only 8 of my kind left.

Jeff Rense: It's sounds like a cancer virus.

Heidi Hollis: Worse.

Jeff Rense: Worse?

Heidi Hollis: It's worse. Cancer will take over and it will kind of make a space for itself and make a little hole in you full of this junk but these things intertwine into your very DNA and become one with you almost. So they take over.

Jeff Rense: Where are we in the take over? What time on the clock?

Heidi Hollis: We're pretty deep in some stuff here, but they are not strong. They only have the strength that you give them. The one thing that I tell people to empower themselves is to have no doubts that you *can* beat them. Because their power is your fear.

Jeff Rense: That's their food.

Heidi Hollis: That's their food. When your fear goes, they leave.

Jeff Rense: You just have to have no doubt. When they come in my room, I just have no doubt that I can get rid of them. And there's no question about it and they have to go.

Heidi Hollis: We've had many guests on the program, in fact, David Icke is going to be here tomorrow night for three hours. I don't know if you're familiar with David's work, but he has come to be convinced that the reptilian scenario is more than real and that some of the very recognizable world leaders are in, fact, shape shifted lizards.

Heidi Hollis: Oh, most of your UFO researchers are, also. I can't say most of them, but many of them are.

Jeff Rense: Really?

Heidi Hollis: I've had one of them try to kill me, so, yeah.

Jeff Rense: Why, because they've co-opted the field for their own use to keep people off the track?

Heidi Hollis: They like to keep tabs on what people are learning. If they have to distort it, they will.

Jeff Rense: Well, they can just listen to this program and find out.

Heidi Hollis: Well, yeah. They've got my number already and I've got theirs.

Jeff Rense: So is there some sort of mutual distance kept between you, now?

Heidi Hollis: I keep a distance but the thing about the reptilians, they don't know when to quit. They'll keep at you and they'll keep badgering you. Anything that doesn't stop when you ask it to is rotten.

Jeff Rense: Now, say that again, slowly. That's very interesting. We're talking about interpersonal relations with friends, family, business associates, and what I heard you saying, is "Anything that doesn't stop..." go ahead.

Heidi Hollis: Anything that does not stop when you ask them to, that is your key right there. If they're trying to cure you of a disease, you've got cancer and they're cutting your guts out and they're taking it out. Oh, they healed you, but you're screaming in agony in the meantime, "Hello!" That's a little warning sign to say something's not going on that's not good here. I don't care what they teach you after they've tortured you on the cutting table, if you're asking them to stop and they're not, that's not a good thing. If your husband beats you the first time, shame on him. The second time, shame on you for still being there to take it.

Jeff Rense: Well, you're right, that's in the old co-dependence thing. Good people going bad. Good people struggling with entities, good people struggling with possession. Very complicated issues to deal with for the good, solid, normal citizen. Possession, spirits, it's almost if you threw it all in the blender and hit the switch and how do you sort it all out?

Heidi Hollis: It's all one in the same, anyway. There's no need to try and define exactly who it was, what it was, was it a ghost, was it an alien.

Jeff Rense: It's all evil

Heidi Hollis: Yes, it's all evil. You know one thing about things that are rotten, they are not very organized. They are very power driven. Just like people, we like to get power and we don't care how we get there and we're afraid the next person is going to backstab us and they usually will if they want power, too. And that's what these things are doing and they've got such chaos. They think they 'got it goin' on' but the really don't. It's kind of hilarious to watch them fumble around. But you're going to see them start to expose themselves more and more as they're getting desperate.

Jeff Rense: Desperate, why, is their time running out?

Heidi Hollis: Oh, yeah and they know it. They're just lashing out wherever they can.

Jeff Rense: Who's here to throw them out?

Heidi Hollis: Well, my name is Heidi. [laughing]

Jeff Rense: Well, you came from somewhere else, though. What about the rest of us who for the most part are from this place?

Heidi Hollis: Well, there are quite a few that are coming from a lot of different places that are trying to help with this. There are people who are really, really human but they don't have the full access always to know how to recognize what is going on. We're just here to plant the seed so people know how to recognize things. Just so that the information is out there so they can reach for it when they need it, when it counts. Because it's going to have to count real soon. And people have to know, have that seed in them to be triggered when this transition starts, they might know how to address it and how to deal with it when it comes, so that transition is not so rough for them.

Jeff Rense: The transition...?

Heidi Hollis: Over into this....

Jeff Rense: The transition will be a flip-flop, what, in a year or two, in a month, a week?

Heidi Hollis: No, no. We've got a couple of years before things start going really weird. But it's going to get really weird in a couple of years. I don't have any definitive years but 2012 keeps... I don't know what's up with that, but something is.

Jeff Rense: Alright! We shall see. Let me thank you and when the book is published, do send a copy.

Heidi Hollis: I certainly will.

Jeff Rense: Thank you, Heidi.

Heidi Hollis: Oh, you're welcome. And thank you.

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