It Told me David Icke

Nobody's life is perfect. I would say that mine is far from it. Of course I am very open about my life, especially since it is for the benefit of truth. When I was 16 years old, I had the typical teen depression. It must have seemed like mine was a million times worse. My doctor put me on the drug that ruined and helped my life at the same time. The jackass put me on Prozac.

I become far more depressed and got to the point where I attempted suicide, which is something I know, I would never do on my free will. I remember taking every pill he ever gave me in the span of an hour.

I remember falling down.

Then it would seem that four hours of my life went missing. But I could still see the visions in my head. I saw a face, a reptile face. It spoke to me and told me that although it represents fear, not to fear it. It told me David Icke. Then I woke up. Because I had never heard of David at the time. I ignored and thought I had hallucinated the whole thing. I stopped taking the pills and have never touched a pill of any kind since then.

I gave up my faith in God, and took up the New Age religions. I did very well with my Wicca, and I began teaching somebody. Then I came across a friend of mine who was telling me about the Biggest Secret. I ordered the book and without knowing it, I read the reptiles chapter three times. Everything that David was talking about I saw in my meditations. It came to the point where I saw that reptilian who was on my deathbed in my meditations every time. Then it stopped.

I began feeling things that I never feel. It was like that reptilian had taken control of me. Like I was possessed. I still have it inside of me. I can't shape-shift. But I can see things from this reptilians previous life. I see him going against the Illuminati. He battled to save the human race from slavery, then his partner, a woman, betrayed him. He was crucified, but not like the story of Jesus. He was crucified on a cross, in a castle with markings looking like an iron cross, and symbols like the Windsors would use. I have seen all of this in my meditations in the last year or so. This is getting farfetched I know, and I must seem insane, but I'm not. I know what I see.

Other times, I have woke up in the middle of the night and feel the presence of the lower 4th dimension, because of this reptilian possessing my body, however, I may have all this hate and rage, I still have my own mind. It is like we share a brain. I can see the 4th dimension not only in my meditation, but occasionally when I am awake! It is a cold place, where it seems time does not exist. Because of this reptilian entity in me or visiting me, I have seen so much and learned a great deal.

The only flaw I have had is I am finding it hard to find love in myself and in others. The one this reptilian has asked me to do, is get even with the people who killed him and left his energy swirling around in space until that night I gave him somewhere to go. I have never told anyone this story, and I am scared to do it. But I trust David Icke. I want to help you expose the truth. I like David am writing a book to try and help. I tell all my friends everyday about the threat, I hope what I have sent you makes sense, and I hope it gets you one step closer to the truth.

Bobby Martens

Website note: Perhaps we can feature Mr. Martens book in BookEnds when he publishes it.

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