The Mighty Jigsaw is All Fitting Together

It would seem that after 10 years of following your work in earnest since the days of "The Truth Vibrations" the mighty jigsaw is all fitting together.

I have just finished reading a remarkable book which validates so much of your research. I will let the quotes do their magic!

p191 "One of the objectives your various global cabals have long been considering is a well orchestrated, worldwide declaration of martial law. Whether to declare a 'new world order' or simply enslave the citizens of your major powers, be assured that this objective is quite unacceptable to us. The ascended masters of your world and your planetary cabals' former masters the Annanuki have continually informed them of heavens deep opposition to these plans. Yet, they have persisted in setting up schemes to carry out their most nefarious agenda."

p284 "When Atlantis was destroyed nearly 13,000 years ago, the sole representatives of the so-called, god-like master race were the sinister humanoid hybrids, the Anunnaki. They ruled your solar system with an iron hand from a former Galactic Federation battle planet you call Nibiru. Originally lightly crewed by the Pleiadean Star League, it was subsequently overrun by fleeing, armed renegade bands from Atlantis. Nibiru has been the ultimate weapon kept at the very edge of this solar system since early Atlantean times. The Anunnaki used it as their off world headquarters. (Note, used it!)"

p304 "Many dark allies whom you know as demons or even as the devil supported the Anunnaki. In actual fact, these beings were either the heavenly minions of Anchara or just members of dark star empires. These were usually Dinosaurans, Reptilians, or Insectoids. I mention them only because they were the allies of the Anunnaki who utilized their sinister abilities to spread the terror that controls you. It was they who taught the Anunnaki how to set up the reality matrix in which you are now embedded."

David, this is only a slice of what this book has to offer. Of course it goes onto say about Humanitys role of becoming Galactic Humans with stewardship roles for Gaia, now presently undertaken by the whales and shamans. It also talks about the new 12 strand dna/rdna patterning and new 13 chakra system which is a result of full consciousness. David, it`s been a long spell of amnesia. But think it`s finally lifting!

I would be grateful if you could get this information out to as many people as possible about this book, "Your First Contact" by Sheldon Nidle.

Especially Jelaila at the Nibiruans website, as I`m sure she`d love the knowledge contained herein. If you go to the site you will also find twice weekly updates from the Galactic Federation of Light and or the Spiritual Hierarchy. I don`t like the term hierarchy, but it`s not used in a manner that condescends humanity. In fact the beings only wish our return to full consciousness so we can get on with the unfolding of creation! Please could you send me an email as soon as possible to let me know you got this information. You never know who might intercept this! If this is intercepted, know that I, Barry/tiaka have awoken and this stage of the game is over.

Smile! Thank you David always for trying to help us out of our amnesia.

love from Barry.

Sources: "Your First Contact", by Sheldon Nidle. Published by the Blue
Lodge Press P.O. Box 880151, Pukalani, HI 96788-0151

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