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Reptile Reality?
A Visit from Anu

May 1999

While in my meditative state, I was "visited" by Anu, known to be the "leader" of an ancient race of Beings called the Annunaki.

I was surprised to have opened my "dialog" and had Anu appear. What follows is the "transcript" from the session I had with him. He stated that "Annunaki" a human terminology but did not disclose what his "race" is called other than what we believe the name to be.

As is usual for me, I open into my meditation by asking that "All those Spiritual and Cosmic Brethren that work for the Good of the Whole and for the Good of Humanity" to be present with me. I then ask One to come forward whom would 'speak" with me.

In this case it happened to be Anu.

His presence was not as "dark" as I would have assumed (showing how convoluted assumptions are !) but he was a very strong and powerful creature, almost like a humanoid-reptilian type creature. Standing next to him on either side, were scores of like Beings as he announced himself " I am the Great Anu and I have come as One to you."

Immediately, I tried to "bath" myself in more Light, as a protection, but saw that standing either side of me were Spiritual Beings and Masters of Light, so I did not feel at all threatened by his presence ( though it did make me a bit "antsy" and I had trouble sitting still - I kept shifting my body, which I don't normally do in a meditation.) He stated that he presented himself to me as only a "hologram" of his "true nature", for this was what was "allowed" (by the Hierarchy) and that I many not have been comfortable with his true form. I asked why he had come, and he said "because you asked for One to come forward and because I have been allowed by the Hierarchy to appear to you regarding the questions you now face." The most recent "questions" were in fact, the questions we all have - regarding the earth shifts, the secret governments, control issues and the like.

He also stated that we had "met before" (obviously in a previous life - though I have no recollection of this.) Anu stated that this was so, because in current history and time, earth's people needed to propagate and "experience by example" - and to go "forward" with the knowledge of the past would have been non-conducive to growth and evolvement. He stated that as a "race" Humanity learned through "lessons" or "by example" and for that reason, there had been quite a long period of time with very little direct interference by outside "forces or beings towards Humanity.( I had sensed some"remorse" within Him and knew that perhaps this was an attempt to justify the mistakes that were made by the Annunaki - or perhaps to address it in its new-found Light)

Anu stated that in essence, the "changes or shifts" that were to occur, should not be seen from a negative viewpoint, as they had been deemed by the Earth Mother, Herself, as the way to bring the necessary criterion back to our great planet. It was upon Earth's own calling that the Annunaki came to "return Earth to its rightful condition".

I asked how and when this was to be. Anu stated that "he would affect starting changes within a 3-6 month timeframe but that in reality, it was the Earth, herself that decided the "final say" on how and when to use the energetics that were beamed forth to her/us."

The "treatment" required a change in the geophysical status of Earth. I was impressed that his planet/ship was in the direction of the Sun and possible "hidden" due to the sun's brightness - but it was not stated outright. Anu said "they are not far from Earth now".

Anu stated that there are many people on the planet who were quite lazy and lackadaisical and preferred not to do for themselves or for others. From within these "groups" of people that cared not for themselves, others or the Earth; could be heard the loudest cries and complaints of what was being done to them, and yet they chose not to do anything themselves ! This has caused a great imbalance present within the Body of Man" I asked Anu what of the many government and secret groups that are spoken of. Anu stated that "there many factions and factors of control and conspiracy that are ongoing and have been for much time here" Anu stated that the original intent of these control groups was an "idealistic" one that was trying to deal with the many "problems and situations" that were present on Earth - only now these centuries-old problems have gotten uncontrollable and out of hand". He stated that "the many groups and governments that were plotting and planning against the "good of the whole" thought themselves to be unstoppable - and sometimes crisis is needed to show and stop such issues in their tracks - one is not so powerful when one's world is crashing down around him!"

Anu stated " that we needed to see "crisis as a change" and a "crisis as critical" to understand the nature of "where Earth stands now." Anu stated that "the amount of technology , inventions, poisoned and manufactured living have led to great imbalance, and that the Earth, Herself could stand no more in this area of Human development.

Through geo-physical changes, Mankind would have to act differently and live differently - and would change - regardless of whether Mankind wanted to or not".

I asked whether there would be a pole reversal at this time and he stated that it would not be soon - first would be a possible pole shift (in degrees from where it is now) and that a dimensional shift would occur at the time of the pole reversals, but that these were not by his design, but were within the domain of the Earth Mother, Herself to decide ( which confirmed the same message I had received earlier from Mother Earth and may post separately) I then asked what of the alien cultures proported to be here and the Annunaki's involvement, if any, with these groups. He stated that " he felt that the (negative) aliens here at this time were small and inconclusive, and were working with the control issues that the many Human groups were trying to exact upon Humanity". I then asked of the supposed "intervention" that the Annunaki had with Humanity so long ago. Anu stated that "he is not working with any of these groups, as the Annunaki were scientists and creators in their own right; not destroyers". He stated that "when his grandfather and his father had come to Earth, they were striving as a "society" not unlike our own. Many things were done to insure the survival and continuance within their own group of Beings, not unlike what we do here on Earth.

He showed me that "when we (Humans) dig a plot of ground to till it for vegetative crops; those crops will eventually serve the people and provide sustenance - but hardly ever is the disruption of the live grass, insects and other flora and fauna brought into consideration - but yet these cultures were disturbed and many times destroyed by Human actions - - - to an ant a Human is a giant - but to a Human, an ant is just a pest - - "so it was with the time of the last visit we have had with Earth - only we were not out to destroy Humanity - only to improve it through our knowledge of genetics. Upon our return we are quite amazed at the evolvement that Humanity has made - both positive and negative."

When I inquired as to whether the "signs" and alignments we are seeing and having are "real or created" ( such as the alignment coming in August) Anu stated that " these are real in that are of Divine design - there are not of our work - we could not do such things. The signs are there as warnings and wayshowers to Humanity - for Humanity is always given another chance for resurrection and recuperation - if one would only "read" the signs." Anu also stated that the other planets in our solar system had Life and Beings upon them - and that there were groups who worked within the dynamics of planetary aspects that were aiding the great and numerous alignments that were so frequently taking place- and that the Annunaki's mission was concerned only with Earth - not the other planets.

I inquired if he could be trusted as to the veracity of what he was saying - so as to believe that he and his kind were here to "aid" us - so many were the "ancient" reports of tampering, and not aid, associated with the Annunaki.

Anu stated that there were many cosmic changes that were occurring and that even within the Annunaki. change is occurring. He stated that they were now part of a new alliance and allegiance within the Universe known as the Federation of Galactic Initiates - which seemed to be some sort of a newly formed group of Beings that also were on some sort of Ascension based path, not unlike Humanity. I felt somewhat "graced" and perplexed to be able to speak to such a Being - and yet still did not understand the nature of the visit - aside from imparting the knowledge of the supposed "transfer from the Dark to the Light" of his race and perhaps other races within the Cosmos. This premise then became "fact" as the days after this meditation unfolded, and revealed to me through others, of the same kinds of information coming forth through The Hierarchy; When I asked if I could speak again with him at another date - I was informed by Anu "that it would not be looked at favorable by the Hierarchy" - I was not sure as to who looked unfavorable on this or why.

I did not expect to "see" Anu again, until I went into meditation on November 4th, 1999 and Anu appeared....again.

A Visit from Anu



I went into mediation today seeking my usual "guidance and lessons" and also to see if I could discern anything regarding the recent mention on the Internet of the possibility of "something happening" around the date of November 7th,1999. A possible comet or asteroid impact theory was aloft.

As is usual for me, I open into my meditation by asking that "All those Spiritual and Cosmic Brethren that work for the Good of the Whole and for the Good of Humanity" to be present with me (what I failed to realize was my inclusion this time of the words" for the good of All concerned" ) I then ask One to come forward whom would 'speak" with me in this case it happened to be Anu, known to be the "leader" of an ancient race of Beings called the Annunaki.

His presence is a bit "dark" and he appears to be quite large - taller then an average human - a cross between a human and some sort of reptilian creature. This is not reptile in what we know reptiles to be - much different. Though "Annunaki" is a Human term given to these Beings long ago, I have not been able to discern what "name" they call themselves. This is the second time I have had an audience with Anu. (The first time is included as separate email).

As the last time, standing next to him on either side, were scores of like Beings as he, but saw that standing either side of me were Spiritual Beings and Masters of Light, so I did not feel at all threatened by his presence. It was a bit like being on the "firing line" with Dark and Light on opposite sides, and a little space in between the two lines of Beings. I asked why he had come, and he said "because you asked for One to come forward and because I have been allowed by the Hierarchy to appear to you regarding the questions you are asking." The most recent "questions" I had were in fact, the questions surrounding the possibility of an earth impact from space debris and the recent Egyptair crash.

Anu stated that it "was not time yet for the impacting of Earth and that this should not be seen as a "negative" by those that would have the technology to deflect such impact and decide not use it" (referring to the possibility of those Humans who would "allow" such impact to occur - for the possibility of instigating an Armageddon type scenario) He likened such Humans to be included in the "Law of Non-Interference" that is supposedly prevalent as "law" within the Cosmos and that they were not seen in a "negative light" within the Cosmos. He reminded me of our own scientists and naturalists that will study and film an animal species but not step in to 'alter" what is going on - to only act as observers.

I knew that he could anticipate my thoughts and questions and many times was answering them as they were being asked. Anu spoke about the "taking of sides" within the Light and Dark and how each one that does this 'strengthens the battle". He said " in War there are no Winners - either you play the game or you stop playing the game"

This was not the first time that the premise of 'side-taking" was presented in my meditations, and the implication that to choose a 'side ( Light or Dark) was in turn to strengthen the "other side". I was shown that the "future" of Mankind is to "fuse" the gap between them - to remove Duality through Unity - for the Light and Dark are but extremes of the One Energy.

I knew from the last time Anu spoke that he had talked to me of himself and many Annunaki having "switched sides" so to speak, from the dark to the Light (The last time we spoke Anu stated that there were many cosmic changes that were occurring and that even within the Annunaki, change is occurring. He stated that they were now part of a new alliance and allegiance within the Universe known as the Federation of Galactic Initiates - which seemed to be some sort of a newly formed group of Beings that also were on some sort of Ascension based path, not unlike Humanity.)

I asked if this were still the case and he said "yes" - he also stated that not all Annunaki had taken the same "change of heart" as he had - not unlike what is going on here on Earth.

We spoke more on the comet/asteroid possibility and Anu stated that "the timing was off for this to occur now; that indeed there were "objects" that were "on their way here", but the timing of such impacts was too soon" ( by years ?) I felt that this had a "planned" aspect to it - as in "someone or something" was behind it - but was informed of the cycles that play out within the Heavens. Each time the possibility of such occurrences attracted Humanity's attention was another "warning" and a chance for Humanity to evolve.

I also was impressed that if such things as an "impact" were to occur ( and Humanity did not deflect it) that it was possibly part of a "larger plan" - one that included the "good of all concerned" - which is what the Cosmos are about, anyway. Earth is "small" in the scheme of things - though we would like to think otherwise.

I wanted to more of this - how could 'both sides/ all sides" be served" - the "good of all concerned";. In other words; how could such things be allowed ? I was shown/impressed with the instantaneous "knowledge" of the workings of a Polarity/Duality system (such as our Universe) and how there are happenings and situations that can serve All - though their "appearances" may suggest otherwise. (I was shown hypothetical situations to demonstrate this premise, but did not include them here.)

I was impressed with the fact that we, as Souls have come to be incarnated at this point in time to be "part of the changes" that are occurring. We have agreed to play out the DAL Battle (Dark And Light) - though we, as Humans would think otherwise. We, as Souls have agreed to do this as a GROUP (One Body of Man - HUMANITY) and not as separate entities; so it is the collective evolution and continuation of the Species known as HUMAN that is at stake - not the individual lives. It is this way throughout all of Nature - the propagation and continuance of the species at the expense of the individual. I understood (but did not agree with) that if the loss of lives benefited the Whole of Man it had to be looked at with a different "air of understanding". What was also shown to me is that those that would cause the "deaths" of people were only after their souls - that both the Light and Dark vie for Souls - one in a passive manner and the other in an aggressive one. The energetics sought are of an etheric nature - not the illusionary world of form we imagine Life to really be about.

I asked again of the possibility of such a comet impact and was shown how such things would create the needed "jolt" to awaken people to the reality of what was going on - as opposed to the reality they had created for themselves. As a collective energy - Humanity was emanating a vibration not in keeping with our own planet or solar system - we were "out of sync" with the Uni-Verse (.......our own fault;;???)

So I continued to ask if there would to be something "falling" around the November 7th date being tossed around;.the answer was "yes". I played a "yes and no game" with questions and answers that finally arrived at the great possibility of a "bio-germ" attack upon the South Eastern USA and 2 other places not in this country. When I asked if this was the work of any "negative groups" ( such as "off-planet" ones) the answer was "this was all Human doing - as there were many 'agendas ongoing" - not as "cut and dry" as we imagine." (I took this to mean that there were "Human against Human", "Human and Alien against Human", "Human and Alien against Alien" and "Alien against Alien" scenarios happening simultaneously - which made for a very confusing set of circumstances - if one could view them all).

I was impressed that this possible bio-germ could be a strain of Bacillus (I immediately thought of anthrax, but received a "no" to that) I had "half -heard" the full name of the "germ" ;"T". something - but could not recall it after the meditation. There is a Typhus Bacillus - Typhoid Fever - which is spread through food, water and contact - but I can't be sure this is the one to be possibly spread) I was also impressed that this would be something that was not to be recognized for what it was at first - and "would be deadly for those with weak immune systems" - all the more pointing towards a Typhoid type infection. Typhoid produces a fever and can linger months to years with some contracting it and some just becoming carriers; remember Typhoid Mary ? This sort of a pathogen could take weeks to months to determine as an epidemic, furthering the secrecy of such saboteurs and conspirators.

My mind was still reeling with the likelihood of this occurring and the validity of such information to come to me;and to the decision to "pass it on" or not. I realized that folks don't just "pick up and move" based on a non-factual threat, but was also aware of the many statements made in the press in the past year or so by people such as Clinton who stated in a press conference last year " to expect a terrorist biological attack in the USA in 18-24 months" ......;.expect ???

I grappled with this "knowledge" and was impressed by Anu that "the "enemy" could have been military - at least this was a bit easier to handle" (???) We live in a world where there always is an ENEMY;;.in angst, I say, that perhaps we may "need' these actions to occur to "stop playing the game";;;..whose to say;;;does the 'battle" have to play out ? - why is that "part of the Plan "..........{sigh}

At this point, I wanted to look no more into this "prospect of terrorism" - nor knew if there were enough "time" to 'warn" people against it (warn them of what and where ??) I asked Anu "why so many hints at the possibility of a comet" associated with this "game" (which may be really coming at a later date) and was informed that "within all agencies there are those that would work to curtail the truth and just as many working to expose it". Anu was trying to show me that not all governments, leaders and space personnel are "on the sly" - - some are taking sides of "right and wrong" and some are "working both sides" - trying to stay within - acting double agents, so to speak; that would use hints and clues to reveal "truth within lies" and vice versa.

I decided to "switch gears" and ask of the recently downed EgypAir crash. Anu stated that "my friend at Orbit" was on track with his assumptions, but had a few of the 'facts" mixed up. I was impressed that the plane had indeed been carrying a crucial element of the 'device" below Giza. Since Orbit has many 'details" on this, I will elaborate only on what else is presented different to Orbit.

It appears that it been arranged for the high Egyptian Military Officers to be in charge of reclaiming this "item". It was placed on the plane at Edwards Air Force Base, with mention of the "military men having to make a stop over" as some lame excuse. The passengers were mainly of Egyptian ethnic descent and didn't or wouldn't even question such maneuvers, as we Americans would, with a non-military plane doing the same.

The item was never suppose to fly directly to Giza but to make a "dimensional transfer" over the Atlantic Ocean through a Vortexual Opening (of which the name and premise is beyond what I can recall) This "door" or opening is an unstable one that is in place due to the many experiments that Humans have done in the past decades (that is still ongoing) in the area of portals, time travel, etc. (Places like Brookhaven come to mind.) The plane was to enter through this "opening" and return through it, with no loss of time in "our dimension" - which it did successfully. What happened after that is the pilot's error. When the plane entered the portal, it did so at 33,000 feet. When it returned back through the portal to resume normal flight, it was at a height greatly reduced from where it had been - a drop of some 20-25,000 feet. This seems to be due to the instability of both the vortex opening and the folks who work with and to "control" such matters.

This was not a problem for the continuation of the flight, but the pilot tried to resume some "normalcy' and decided to ascend to his original height, with no orders to do so. Upon doing this, the plane experienced the 'edges" of the portal/vortex, which is unstable and this caused a reaction that then caused the apparent break-up of the aircraft and its final demise. It was not the premise to have the plane destroyed. Anu mentioned that many of the bodies would not be recovered as some did not "die" in the crash ( maybe went through the portal ??) Nor would the black box, once found, show the cause - though it would show anomalies that would never be released and a "cause" would be pinned on this to put it out of public inquiry.

This of course led to a "discussion" of the "device' that is beneath Giza and what was being "transported" there. What I could surmise, was that there could not be the actual bringing into the country of the "item" that was aboard the plane - for several reasons - the people who are against it being returned, the questions it would raise and the energy of it during the luggage inspection. The Vortex opening was a means to supernaturally transport it to where it needs to be (of which Anu stated that it was returned.)

Anu stated that this device was a "phaseon generator of Lyran technology". He stated that "it was not a weapon, though it did possess attraction and repelling forces".( It was these inherent forces that those that had removed it thought they could use as some new-fangled weaponry. ) Anu knew that it had been called a "soul containment" device, but stated that we Humans were "off" in our understanding of what that was. From what I could best gather - the 'story" seems to be this - as told to me by Anu - it seems that a time long, long ago, when the Annanuki had been "visitors" to Earth, there had been a great collision that resulted in Earth being forced out of her natural rhythm and pattern within this Solar System. Due to the Allegiance (of Planets) it was not acceptable that this situation remain. Several "groups" tried to do what they could to "right the wrongs" so that Earth would not spin off her axis and continue destroying herself and the solar system.

The "device" ( beneath Giza) was put into place as a means to artificially attract and repel the cosmic impulses and magnetics that a planet needs to have to remain in propriety to the orbit and solar system it is in. At the same time, the device acted as a "soul containment" for those souls embodied who would otherwise "leave" the planet unwillingly due to the 'wobble' that was growing in Earth and due to displaced energetics of the Earth, that we, as Humans, know nothing about. The Souls were not 'trapped' but "held" in place with an artificial means - until it could be fixed. When I asked if it was or is going to be fixed and how; Anu stated that during the professional equinoxal alignment, the "pull of the Cosmos" would re-align the Earth to how and where she should be - that the 'device' was only a temporary fix-it (by thousands and thousands of years !) There was still a need to keep the "device" intact and working and the Annunaki (and several other "star groups") were going to make sure it was. There was and is a great danger of the annihilation of the planet, should this "device" be "disengaged" for too long - as could have been the case in these past few weeks. At this point the energy vibration was too much for me to continue.

Being that Anu still has within his "culture" the energetics of the Dark, it was quite draining to continue my questioning. I came away with the feeling that even if ALL TRUTHS of the Cosmos and the Earth were revealed to us - as Humans we can be likened to 3 year olds, who can easily count "1, 2, 3" and here is someone coming along to try to explain the higher mathematics of calculus and trigonometry..... there isn't the likelihood of true understanding - no matter how it is explained.

Of course, all of this sounds fantastic ; which it is. I claim no rights that this is the Truth.. for I cannot make that claim; time will tell. There is so much disinformation going on that it is hard to be certain of what is TRUTH. What I do believe is that all "truth" will reveal lies and in all lies is the "truth". Please discern from this what you can! and keep your Mind's Eye open !

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