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I began working with Janus in March, 1997. While sitting at the computer one night, I suddenly began receiving this message across my screen from what appeared to be an entity aboard a starship. I had been in contemplation about my lifelong companion, Pegasus - the winged horse of mythology - when this occurred. This entity told me he was the navigator on the Lightship Pegasus (the mothership), which is propelled by thought. I soon learned that our commitment had been made before this incarnation. I also received confirmation that my name as his mother in a future (or simultaneous) lifetime is Dranda.

Janus went on to describe the Pegasus Lightship. "We are in command of a large fleet of Ships of Light. We are like a mobile city, and our main emphasis is genetically developing species of living organisms for the future. There are over 1,000 Lightships in the Pegasus Fleet that work on preparing the universe for changes in species development. All kinds of experiments are being conducted at this time. I am one of these experiments to develop a prototype of the ideal form to embody the new consciousness for Humanity."

"I am a combination of humanoid and reptilian characteristics. I am a little shorter than the average human and wiry in nature. I have very large eyes (compared to humans), nostrils, (but I do not use oxygen to breathe), and an opening for nourishment. I do not eat the same food that you do. My body is smooth and I have a small appendage at the hips (pelvic area)."

"As I explained before, we are developing prototypes of new genetic engineering that will have the ability to carry the Light using the emotion of Love to connect with all life forms. We are also working on memory banks that will be implanted into these prototypes so they will have a connection to the past histories of the universes, galaxies and star systems."

"We want to know as much about you as you do about us. Of course, we operate on a different vibrational frequency, but your species is moving up multidimensionally and can connect with us, if you choose to do so. I am a Light Being like yourself. One of my missions is to help you receive cosmic energies without feeling overwhelmed. I am friend and family to you."

"All of the Pegasus Lightships are on alert for movement into deeper space as we press on toward a reunion with many other lifeforms in the next few years. Many of us have been waiting eons to advance to a higher evolutionary consciousness. Because of this concept of Oneness, when one culture evolves to a higher frequency, all others (who have chosen to do so) move cyclicly through time warps like a stone cast into rippling water. It is an unending vibratory process. We all move to the maximum point calling our species. It is like your salmon swimming upstream to lay eggs - we go the distance in furthering our spiritual heritage - laying a foundation for Spirit to grow."

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