Drakul, Pendragon, Designers of
America's Destiny
Channelled Message - St. Germaine
archived 11-03-99
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Germaine accords..

Drakul, Pendragon, Designers of America's Destiny

from dan winter..


Note the background here, was that Germaine in the company of Bacon as Shakesphere writes the geometry plan for America which becomes the pent masonic grids of DC etc... (Spiritual Destiny of the America's film.. in production).. perceiving the need for us to embed in our land in order to inhabit stars..


I should try not to oversimplify, clearly Germain's family is in the bloodline of drakhul.. this also has a very hi side (magdalen's lineage herself)

The pendragon blood becomes the hi side of the 'genesis of the grail kings' would be nice however for us to get clear about the fallen side of that family... the head draco at montauk.. (charlie was well described) .. may not be a relative that germaine is proud of... but that is no personal reflection... be nice to sort some more of the story... actually I have felt his presence helping me do that..

I particularly enjoyed your notes from germain... the daal phin.. etc.. and would like to share them here...

very warmly, dan winter

raphiem's letter on germaine follows:

Dan, here are some notes I made from St. Germain channel sessions I had on tape back from late '80's when Azena Ramanda who channeled him at the time came to austr-alien.

They maybe of interest tou you......if not just press delete.

I must say for a descended master (draku) as you call him he came across as being very enlightening, loving, unconditional, I have seen many channels in my life (ramtha, mafu, lazarus and also many different channelers of St. Germain..)...the one that came thru fully-body thru Azena was in no way negative, and was definetly a major difference in energy feeling that I received compared to the rest above.....did not exhibit any signs of draku.....but anyway am not in any position to judge/know if i've been duped.........eg germain/azena I felt uplifting/energy boosted/more alert/awake/more perception...............where as ramtha/lazarus/mafu etc I felt fear/energy-drained etc

any way won't bore you.....here are the notes....you may find a good read....

Notes from Saint Germain

1. Genesis = Gene of Isis

2. Brain has 4 quadrants, The brain quartex carries fluid/stream of the internal fountain of perception.

3. The corridor of communication is the whole/channel that sits between the crown area into the pineal gland.

4. Isis = is-is=duplicity=polarity.

5. Israel = Isis-RA-Elohim=Mothership

6. Jerusalem = mothership from Pleiades

7. Pleiades = constillation of Tauras = Daughters of Atlas and Pleione

8. Lyra = Nothern constillation = whitestar called Alpha-lyra and Blue Star called Vega

9. UV = Rays of God = Earth did not have ozone layer when created

10. ST. Germain toning = Aummm - Ombraee - Inone - Iraone - Inone - Aummm

11. Orion = Near Taurus contains stars rigel and betelguese.

12. Micese = populated Lyra 175 million years ago

13. Lemuria = covered by Indian Ocean

14. Pan = Land South Pacific before Lemuria (Australia)

1. 20 Million Years ago on Vegan-Lyran star system lived titans (20-25 ft tall/7M)

2. Titans connected with Yahweh = YHWH = IHWH

3. Civil War battle broke out and all the Titans were scattered

4. Comet appeared and destroyed 30 of their worlds/planets (60% of their population)

5. A warlord/Titan left with thousands of his followers and ventured into our Galaxy with many blue suns (Pleiades)

6. The WarLord's (Esis) successor, his daughter, Pleija, changed the name of this star system to Pleiades.

7. Destroyer comet re-enters the Pleiades star system, it does not do any harm, but they decide to follow the tail of this comet which brings them to our current solar system. They decide to colonize Mars, Maldek and Earth. Pleija decides to return to the Pleiades

8. Maldek experiences a Civil War which destroys the planet which explodes and becomes the current astoroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

9. This causes Mars rotation on it's axis to change, which causes Mars to become extinct and the people leave to conquer other lands/planets (Earth). Mars becomes desolate.

10. Pleiades decide to create space base on earth and peace and love reigns for 10 thousand years.

11. Again there is war and destruction which lasts for several thousand years until a Leader/Master named Atlas arrives from the Pleiades to created peace and harmony (Atlantas/Lemuria)

12. Atlas' mate/Partner father's name was Muras.

13. Muras when forth to develop Lemuria which was a city built around a space ship, called Mu.

14. Circa 33 thousand years ago, many civilisations came from Arcturus, Lyria and Pleiades.

15. Arcturus = fixed star in constellation bootes

16. A revengeful entity returns from Beta Centauri to set up home in HyperBoria which is now Florida. Entity's name is Aris which is grandfather of Jehovah

17. They proceed to Asia minor to conquor and then onto Atlantis/Lemuria. Finally after 100 thousand years they attempt to take control by attempting to cease an astoroid and instead bought it into the earth and that was the end of Atlantis.

18. After 18 thousand years of peace Atlantis and Lemuria were gone. This is noted in history as All Souls/All Saints day and Halloween on 1st November.

19. Plaiadians had developed an underground peace corps called the Black League.

20. The destruction caused peoples to go underground, their skin is bluish/copper.

21. Tribes that appeared after the decline of Atlantis were 4-nations.

i) Hyperboreans = Warriors
ii) Almus (Sth America / Central and North America)
iii)Aryans (warlords/Orion [Jehovah])
iv) Hebrews

22. Sodom and Gommorah was a star battle after which the Pleidians went home.

23. Jesus was inititated by the Pleiadians.

24. Star of Bethlehem was a spaceship. Bethlehem = Be-Elohim.

25. Sirius settled Venus (4D), then they settled Egypt. Egyptians are interbreeding of Sirians and Pleiadians.

26. Star of Sirius = Star of Jerusalem (Jerusalem was a star ship)

27. Many Pharoahs were leaders of Atlantis. Inhotep, Tut-Ankh-Amen, Ramses.

28. Beneath Gobi Desert is an inner city called Aghopa/Agapa/Argatha.

29. Centaurus = Constellation between Hydra and Southern Cross. Brightest star is Alpha Centauri which is nearest to Earth.

30. Men in Black have been on Earth since 1600AD = Illuminati (Orion). They are intrenched in the

Round Table of Nine
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg Group
Club of Rome
Royal Institute of Internal Affairs

31. Red Indians have genetic lineage from Atlantis

32. DAAL Universe = Origin of Dolphins (Daal-fins)


33. Large Island = 77000 SQM

34. Located in the Atlantic Ocean

35. Plieadians lived on a mountain called Atlas ( Step Pyramid)

36. God of Atlantis = Terrible/Terror God = Thuderbolt/Lightening.

37. Asteroid arrives when Earth-Moon-Venus align.

38. Moved records of wisdom to temples of Egypt.

39. Notified Noah etc...(Noah's Ark was a space ship)

40. Asteroid was 6-miles wide travelling at 8 mps.

41. It imbedded itself in the ocean floor (Puerto Rico Plateau)

42. Smoke/Gas travelled across the Bering Straight and caused Artic Cold for 5000yrs.

43. Earth experienced polar shift of 2-degrees.


44. Photon Belt = Manasic Vibration = Golden Radiance = Golden Nebula

45. Sun = Arch-Angel Michael Essence

46. Mayan Calendar = 3113BC - 2012AD

47. Rise in philosophy began 750BC

48. Buddha was born in the central point of the Mayan Calendar.

49. Buddha's mother was Maya.


Egypt=Crown Seal of Kundalini
Eurasia=Solar Plexus/Liver
Middle East=mental capacity of Eurasia
Australia=Heart Seal
South America=Throat Seal
Indus Valley/Tibet/India=3rd Eye
North America=The Crown (Mount Shasta=Heart Seal of Crown)

51. 1999=Planetary Alignment

52. Antartica (South Pole)=Electric Facet of Essence (2-fields of chakra inside arch of feet)

53. Artic (North pole)=Magnetic Essence

54. AMAROOSH >> brings forward God Essence to the Heart Seal.

55. OM >> vibrates atoms in etheric/auric field.

56. We need sun light because we don't have it inside.

57. Sun=12-Density

58. Universal Conciousness=30-Density

59. Australia=Pan

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