The Reptilian Brain

Poltergeists and Physical Telekinesis

© Edmund Meadows

Command procedures have been omitted from this section as there are too many examples elsewhere on this web site. The material does not lend itself to verbal description, so the notes are somewhat short. This is the area of the human reptilian brain, primitive parts of the brain inherited from our reptilian ancestors. Do not expect to find any love, logic or human emotion in the reptilian brain. Do expect to survival, the emotions of pure evil and pure malice, psychic self defence, telepathy and telekinesis. There is psychic activity, but not perhaps as we like to think of it. As its telepathy contains no logic or normal conscious emotion, there is little that the conscious brain can understand. However it is the conscious brain has given us civilisation and not the reptilian brain.

Consider the following concepts.

  • Poltergeist activity peaks at the age of 14. It is more common in males than females. The ladies seem to prefer seeing visions, an activity which also peaks at the age of 14.

  • The poltergeist appears to be physical telekinetic activity not under conscious control. Thus a poltergeist is fossilised physical telekinesis. However a human agent is necessary in all cases of poltergeist activity to activate it.

  • Those of us who have forgotten what it is like to be 14 should not expect too much in the way of physical telekinetic ability. It may be equally wrong to expect nothing at all. What one can receive may not be exactly physical telekinesis, but is quite strong stuff. Anything that can move a mind must be telekinetic in the eyes of a mind.

  • This can be handled in a similar way to paranoid schizophrenia, except that there is a shift in the material away from emotion and towards energy and action.

  • Physical telekinesis can become fossilised in the same way as emotion. Whatever we have needs to be made dynamic instead of static.

  • The material here appears to come from old psychic wars. The price of losing a psychic war is slavery. Due to repeated psychic wars, there may be remarkably few winners.

  • The Holocaust produced a good crop of poltergeists.

  • We can increase our dynamic physical telekinetic ability by taking command of and dispatching obsolete static poltergeist material.

  • All disincarnate entities are ex ETs and far greater than humans, because they say they are and people are stupid enough to believe them. This is true in terms of static fossilised entities, but human are living and dynamic, and thus greater than ETs. This leads to circularity where the reality is that ETs own their hosts and the host owns the ET. The only certainty is that neither side will take responsibility for any actions.

  • The reptilian mind has an affinity with the spirits of blood ancestors.

  • Telepathic and communications channels need to be cleaned up.

  • The emphasis moves from the disincarnate to the living.

  • The akashic element of fire belongs to the reptilian mind, while the elements of air and water are missing as they belong to so-called higher minds. The element of earth is a happy dumping ground and can be ignored here. Hierarchies also belong to higher minds.

  • The following archetypes belong to the reptilian mind. Loki is the Viking God of impulse, and is also known as the Father of Lies. Zen is the state of no thought in the higher minds. Surt is a Viking God and also the Wind of Change.

  • Terrorism and punishing the guilty are interchangeable concepts.

  • Every poltergeist who is greater than XXX, etc.

  • Every ET (poltergeist or disincarnate entity) who is greater than a human.

  • Every human who is greater than an ET.

  • Every ET owned by a human, every human owned by an ET.

  • The fires of genetic engineering, epilepsy, paranoia, poltergeist, physical telekinesis, psychic warfare, freedom, self clearing, clearing other people, etc.

  • The fires of pure evil, fires of pure malice.

  • The fires of humanity. (Being human.) The fires of truth.

  • Every Father of Lies.

  • Every owner of God, Satan, demons, etc.

  • Every psychic warrior, poltergeist, sexual poltergeist, etc.

  • Every poltergeist of the law, poltergeist of war.

  • Every communications channel, telepathic channel.

  • Every occult brain, scientific brain. Every brain.

  • Every "evil" / holy / telekinetic / telepathic / psychic reptilian brain / mind. Every reptilian brain. Every reptilian mind.

  • Every universal reptilian mind, universal reptilian subconscious.

  • Every telekinetic universe.

  • Seeing the other person's point of view, etc. (Look for blocking engrams.)

  • Release the telekinetic ego and purge all inferior egos and souls. (Let the conscious mind rule.)

  • Telekinetic action. (This can be expanded to telekinetic observation, communication, understanding, and telekinetic intention.

  • Every immortal entity. (Purge all those subject to entropy and decay.)

Off the edge of Logic.
  • Every god of the reptilian brain, every universal reptilian mind, etc.

  • Unknown minds, unknown abilities, etc.

  • Every disloyal mind, disloyal law, etc.

  • Every reptile of the law, reptilian genetic engineer, reptilian vampire, reptilian grave, etc.

  • Everybody / everything I / we can not handle.

  • Every legal / illegal grid, energy grid, etc.

  • The grave of every paranoid, engram, etc.

  • Two way telepathy. (This tends to be reptilian brain to reptilian brain, emotional, and thus may not contain much that is understandable to higher minds.)

  • Every telepath / terrorist of the law. Everyone who wants to terrorise us.

  • Telepathic anger, telekinetic anger.

  • The anger of the aura, body anger. (Should be good for health.)

  • Every God / everyone who is greater than a living being.

  • Every telekinetic schizophrenic / paranoid / God, etc.

  • The public / telepathic inspection of every mind / God, etc.

The Ragnarok is the doom or judgement of the Gods as foretold in the Viking Sagas. It occurs when Man takes over responsibility for his own destiny from the Gods and Ghosts of Yesterday.


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