The Marion Prophecies
archived 12-09-99
Archive file# b120999a
donated by James Vandale

These are excerpts from various Marian prophecies. - J.Vandale.

Our Lady of the Roses - Directives from Heaven #13#13 SECRET SOCIETIES "THE FAITHFUL WHO ENROLL in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.... Consequently, neither the excommunication nor the other penalties envisaged have been abrogated." - CARDINAL RATZINGER, CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH Nov 26, 1983

ILLUMINATI - "There is a group in the United States and the world, a group that started many years ago, calling itself the Illuminati, coming from the word 'light bearer.' Naturally, My children, this light that they bear stands for Lucifer, and as such they have gone through the world secretly known as Luciferians. They have brought into your country, the United States, and your neighbor Canada, a group of witchcraft practices. "Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medians of communication, your newspapers, your televisions, your radios: every means of communication has been infiltrated by the members and submembers of the illuminati, a conglomeration of individuals and powers and principalities throughout the world, and banking systems. "As you well know, My children, money has always been the root of all evil, and many have sold their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978

WICCA - "Listen well, My children, and understand that I ask you to remove all diabolical musical recordings from your homes. Your children are bringing demons into your homes because, at the time that these records were produced, called rock, 'hard rock,' they were produced in the temple of Satan - consecrated to Satan! You do not understand, My children, but many of your companies, your record companies, are under the control of Wicca, the international organization of witches and warlocks. Do not laugh! It is true!" - Our Lady, November 25, 1978

MASONS - "In the past We have counseled through prophets, your Popes, to forbid all who have joined in My Son's Church, forbid them to become part of freemasonry and the Masons. And why? Because, My children, they are not of God, and if they are not of God, they are the Antichrist. And why are they the Antichrist? Because they worship false idols! "In the commandments of Your God you will remember: 'I,' said the Lord, 'I am your God; thou shalt not have strange gods before you.' And who are these strange gods of masonry and witchcraft? Isis! "My children, man has accepted gods of nature! Pagans you have become! You reject your God the Father; you reject the Trinity; and you have dabbled and burned your fingers in the unknown, the darkness of Satanism." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977

MONEY HOLDERS - "Much of your money from the world's capitals arrives in New York. These moneys are being gathered to start another war. There is a group in your nation called the Illuminati. They are made up of the major money holders, and for money they have sold their souls and the souls of thousands." - Jesus, October 1, 1988

CONSPIRACY - "There is now a conspiracy of evil in your country, the United States. Recognize the meaning of Illuminati. It has been now interwoven with the churches of Satan and the massive international organization of Wicca. They are now fighting My Son's Church. It is Satan who guides them, for these people who have entered into the organization of Wicca and Illuminati, they are dead bodies and dead souls!" - Our Lady, December 7, 1977

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN -"My children, We call this giant conspiracy the synagogue of Satan." - Our Lady, February 19, 1978

OCCULT - "For many years this monster lay hidden in the guise of secret societies. My child and My children, the occult must be removed from your country! ... Satan has an advantage, My children. He has convinced many that he is not there, or around, or even exists! He has convinced many that he is a myth!" - Our Lady, December3l, 1977

PENTECOSTALS - "You must warn them now, My child, that they are being misled. The secret societies and the search for the Holy Spirit is entering into the realm of Satan! Too many are searching outside the House of God. "You, My child, must make it known that the word you call 'Pentecostals' is not of God. It is an error, it has been introduced to try-I say try, My child, for it will only bring battles but not destruction. It will be an insidious evil that will enter to try to take away what is known as the 'institutionalized' House of My Son." - Our Lady, June 15, 1974

EXCOMMUNICATE - "It is under the pain of sin and demand from the Father in Heaven of excommunication all those who enter into the secret societies of the synagogues of Satan - the sons of Satan!" - Our Lady, September 7, 1974

PLOT - "My children, and I ask My pastors to listen to Me as your Mother, as I tell you that you must take yourselves from all secret societies. They do not openly plot against My Son's Church, but they do this in secret! The Masons, My children-the hierarchy must remove themselves from this abominable organization." - Our Lady, June 1, 1978

DECEPTION - "Recognize the deception within these societies. They do much good, but the evil, the true purpose beneath this good, is abominable, for it seeks to remove from among you God the Father and all knowledge of His Being." - Our Lady, September 7, 1974

FIFTH COLUMN - "There is, My children, a great conspiracy of evil now throughout your world ... the forces, the columns of evil. Man has given them many names ... the fifth column. They have been broken up into political parties, including Communism. O My children, they are but small arms of the octopus, the gigantic conspiracy of evil that will unite your world and My Son's Church under the rule of despots!" - Our Lady, May 15, 1976

BLACK MASS - "They have given themselves to Satan and no longer can be recognized as human. My children, they are sacrificing other humans in their rituals of black mass.... I say unto you now, a secret society kept secret for years was practicing witchcraft. This secret society has been bloodletting for years unknown to members that were not on the third step.... I repeat: Satan, not the lesser demons of hell but Satan himself, now walks your earth. Earth year of 1940 was his beginning; he entered upon your country in 1971. Satan, the prince of darkness, the father of all liars, the master of deceit, is now here to claim his own." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977

33RD DEGREE - Veronica-There is a degree of freemasonry that means witchcraft. The person must become Luciferian.... The individual in the 33rd degree to make himself, prove himself worthy to be a true Luciferian, he must murder another person.... Therefore, to follow Lucifer, these Luciferians insist, to become a 33rd degree Mason, you must follow through in this secret rite and ritual of witchcraft.

VAMPIRE "There is one called 'man' among you now who is diabolical of nature, using a human body.

"This evil one We have named 'the vampire,' because in his diabolical nature, in his supernatural state, he has developed a necessity for the consumption of human blood to retain the human body he travels in. Know ye well now that he is going about your city looking for young blood." Jesus, September l3, 1977

DEMON 6** "Number 6-beware of the Antichrist among you--number 6! He will promote now the Third World War, the great war of destruction to mankind--a war that has never been met with a sequel upon mankind, a war of destruction so great that countries shall disappear in a fraction of a second. So great will be the power of 6 that he shall start this war!" -Our Lady, September 7, 1974

**"Our Lady explains the true meaning of 666, the Antichrist, on November 20, 1978: "666 is Lucifer [and his army], with five powerful demons plus Lucifer is six; and the six days of terrible suffering from the Chastisement; and the six that will be punished--Lucifer and his hordes, his ogres, for their terrible atrocities upon mankind."

"Like a cancer many areas of your country have become polluted by witchcraft, the worship of satan, cannibalism, murder and all manner of idol worship. My children, you must understand the realism of the existence of satan in your world.

"You must search for the truth. You must now go and find the good books of truth, those that have not been tainted, corrupted by change. In these good books you will learn of the existence of a supernatural world, a world that you cannot see with your own human eyes.

Demons Strike Only After Dark

"Know, My children, that these demons do not strike in daytime. As their souls are dark, so do they seek in darkness others. They only strike after dark. You will remain off the streets, if you have sinned, for you may receive the gun.

"It is a chastisement to your city, My children, and many cities of the world, because they have not heeded the Eternal Father's warnings before. How many shall die in your streets before you turn back?

"My children, the man of sin, satan in the body of a man, he has the powers of hell. He plans his victims well. He goes forth and gathers information of soul, and then he has them marked for death.

"Your children are the principal victims of the demons now that are loosed upon earth. O parents, I have begged you and counselled you in the past to guard your children's souls and watch them well, for when they leave your homes they are exposed to the agents of hell in human form. There is now a legion of devils, demons upon earth. They can exist without being seen, and that makes the position of your children and others precarious in the struggle to save their souls.

They Will Be Called Animals

"There are many now walking the earth who are shells of humans. They will no longer be called humans. They will be called animals. They have given themselves to satan. They have sold their souls to get to the head. And there are many in the clergy that shall be shot dead.

"The angel of death is among you. He walks in human form. He'll gather now those about him, and evil he will spawn.

"Children shall disappear from the streets, never more to be seen, taken into covens and buried in their burial grounds. Know it now; don't cast it aside and say that this is a reign of terror. Do not cast it aside, for your child may be next!

There will be many bitter tears and gnashing of teeth because of the woe set upon the earth by the evil one. Satan, the master of deceit, the corrupter of souls, now walks the earth. Lucifer and his legions of hell are loosed upon earth.

Devils in human form

Jesus - "The agents of hell are deep within your country now. The hourglass is running faster and faster. Many of your countrymen are consorting with devils. Be not fooled that they come in human form; for, My child, you would not expect them to reveal themselves. But in time you will know them by the blackness of their hearts.

"Human wolves were there also"

Eve of Ascension of Jesus into Heaven - May 7th, 1975

Veronica was warned through a photograph not to attend the vigil that evening, as there was a plan to have her shot. therefore, she remained at home.

Veronica did not go on the shrine grounds however many pilgrims were there to pray. Human wolves were there also, and they howled during the whole Vigil. Their howlings and whistlings are heard on the tape recording. The fervor in the prayers of the pilgrims was much greater. That night the sky was bright with a pink - colored glow.

Directive #45 - UFO's#45 UFO's "FOR THE TIME HAS COME when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air.... [Satan] will have great power over nature: there will be churches built to serve these spirits. People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits, even priests.... " FROM THE APPROVED TEXT OF THE SECRET OF LA SALETTE

SPIRITS OF DARKNESS In a cave so deep and wide, Your flying saucers seek to hide; Sent up through space, confusion to found. Your earth is now clothed all around With spirits of darkness who travel by night. But do not be frightened; pray for their flight. -Veronica, November 24, 1993

DELUSION Veronica - Oh, there are two flying saucers now. They are going very, very high into the sky.... Be not afeared, for you are being allowed to see what Satan plans to delude mankind with. There is no life as you know it, or human being, or otherwise, upon another planet. The creation of the Father has been given to you in the Book of love and life. Do not fantasize of life on other planets, My children. It is a falsehood. Were it not so you would have been told, for the Father hides nothing from His children. He created man, known Adam and Eve, and as such they were the first of your - of the Father's creation. You may say, your first mother and father symbol." Our Lady, September 28, 1974

THE ELEMENTS "They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them the UFOs. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature." Our Lady, February 1, 1978

NO VEHICLES "While We speak of agents of hell, My child, I also wish that you make it known that there are no vehicles coming from other planets - extraterrestrial vehicles. No, My child and My children; they are agents of hell in transport. Now you may ask, why must they be transported if they are spirits? Ah, My child, this you may not understand. These are not ordinary spirits; these are the demons from hell: Satan's cohorts, and Satan himself. He is also on one of the transports. There is a reason they must use the transports. I will not go into it at this time, for I am sure it would befog the mind of any scientist should I give this knowledge to them before they are ready for it." Our Lady, November l, 1985

RAPTURE "I give you great grace of heart, My children, to know that many shall be taken from your earth before the great Chastisement.... Many of your news medias shall state that they have been carried off by flying saucers. Oh no, My children! They were carried off into a supernatural realm of the Eternal Father to await the return of My Son upon earth." Our Lady, December 7, 1976

NOT A FIGMENT "In this final battle, there are many agents of hell loosed upon earth. They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdom of God. Know that it is Satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell. They are only the false miracles of your times. Recognize them, My children; they are not a figment of man's imagination. They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls." Our Lady, December 24, 1973

HIDDEN AMONG YOU "Already Satan is working his way into your consciousness, seeking to take over your minds. He is now promoting false miracles. Those you call flying saucers are images from hell. My children, if you reject the knowledge of the supernatural, you are now playing right into his hands. While he remains hidden among you, he can go about and, like a ravenous wolf, gobble up My children as they fall from grace." Our Lady, June 18, 1978

ACROSS THE VEIL "You men of science, you go forward out into space, looking and searching for another world. You will find nothing. Out in space, My children, there only lies a void. The other world is across the veil; it is the world of the supernatural. Man of science is ever searching, but never coming to the knowledge of truth." Our Lady, September 7, 1976

TRANSPORTS FROM HELL "Do not look for land, do not look on another planet for life, for there is none. Only those who delude you tell you this. What you saw, My child, in the past, called a flying saucer by mankind, We have allowed many to see this. They are transports from hell. However, We have never seen a demon, My child, who has taken on a human form, except through the spirit.... What you have now, because of the sins of mankind, all hell is loosed upon earth. Satan now knows that his time is growing short. That is the truth, My children. I tell you all: your time is growing short." Jesus, June 18, 1992

SCIENTISTS "There will be great changes in nature upon your earth. Scientists have cast aside their God, and now demons are loosed upon earth who will set in motion diabolical manifestations within the hearts and sight of mankind." -Our Lady, June 16, 1977

PITS OF HELL Veronica - Oh! Oh, I see a - oh, it's a very large pit, I guess, a hole. And sitting down there at the edge of the hole are some horrible-looking things. They look like animals, but they have almost the figures of people. And they're sitting around now, what looks like a glass. And the glass is reflecting up through the hole, and it's almost like a looking glass because its... The rays - there are rays being shot out from this glass, and the rays are going up, up this hole. And I'm watching the rays. And they're shooting out onto the grounds. And as they're going up, riding these rays are these horrible, ugly things, these - I know they're demons; I know.

Now Our Lady said: "Watch, My child, what else is exiting from the hole."

Veronica - Oh, my goodness! There are things that look like bright lights, but they're like dome-like on the top. And they don't have any windows; they're just great lights. And Our Lady now is standing at the edge of this hole, and She's pointing.

And She's saying: "Man will not accept the truth. These are transports of hell."

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady's referring to these things that are being seen on earth.

Our Lady said: "Make it known, My child, that the false miracles of the end time are now at hand. Satan seeks to confuse you. Make it known, My child, that there is no life beyond your earth as you know it. Man will go out into space. Better that he uses these efforts to find his way back to God." Our Lady, May,30, 1973

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UFO's - Transports From Hell

"In this final battle, there are many agents of hell loosed upon earth. They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdoms of God. Know that is it satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell. They are only the false miracles of your times. Recognize them, My children; they are not a figment of man's imagination. They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls.

"There have been divisions of armies set up, two groupings. Lucifer, Luciel, despicable creature of the darkness, has set himself to destroy man, man's soul, and take them to the abyss, the souls of my children. When you fall, you will have fallen of your own free will. No man enters hell unless he has given himself freely to satan."

Veronica - Now I see... Oh, I see - it's like a large hole. I see the ground is opening and people, people are just falling, they're floating down into a very deep hole. But they seem to have no weight. They're unable to control their movements, and they're just hitting each other, and there's terror on their faces. And they're going down. There's a great tremendous flaming light.

And also now coming up are horrible creatures. Now - oh! And they're screaming in terror - the people, but their bodies now are glowing like, like orange, like they're afire, like glowing coals. Oh! Oh, and these other things that - they look like half animal and half human - they're also placing their claw - like hands and pushing onto the figures, the human beings; they're pushing them and they're tormenting them"

"I stand upon the head of the serpent. My heel will crush him, but not until man and the world have been cleansed. I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, Representative through My Son in the Father.

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