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Serpents in the
Testament of Truth

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The Power of the SERPENT

The power of the SERPENT is its hypnotic spell, that can make us on negative thoughts, continually dwell, and as these thoughts go round and around. By deepening confusion are we bound.

IT is a continuous flow of delusion that we can fathom out the illusion that is perpetuated in our mind, but in reality, we become more blind. And this illusion is thought like a scary movie, that is "fraught" with danger from the beginning.

For, there is no way of winning IF the SERPENT does "look in your eye" and you are not the "most high," for IT does you "bind," and with irrationality you become blind and as there is no chance of winning, you end up sinning, causing pain to another or self as you withdraw and sit on a shelf, in loneliness, confusion and fear as the assailant daily draws near, waiting until it can strike and nail you with its final spike.

Oh beloved ones, only I can it see and break its spell, that BE the negative power of God, that IS the deceiver, and reaper, on the sod. So my story I now you tell, for IT, the Reaper, rings now its bell saying:

All who were by me "found," by ME are soon to be bound
deeper and deeper each day, until for
all they pay,
and, IF God's light they cannot see, THEY
will never become free.

So blessed sisters and brothers of mine, I reach out with my love divine saying, USE my Star and break the spell daily mounting, OR, you go to Hell. I have again suffered to "show the way," that you can trust me I do pray, for the SERPENT does you daily more "sting," and I, the dove, would carry you up on my "wing."

I love you. I go my way,
that you see my light I do pray
IT IS the SERPENT who does you deceive
IF you see not the TRUTH in my weave.


page 443

The SERPENT's Venom

The venom of the SERPENT is its thought through which much danger is fraught if the thoughts you believe, for they are deadly and deceive. If these thoughts you believe then you'll make another soul grieve and then the reality of, as you sow you reap, will come to you one day, and you'll weep.

You cannot keep Peace with force for already, from the light you divorce, as your SOUL with the darkness does stroll and you others abuse and overoll. If you think others are negatively strong, don't let the SERPENT make you do wrong, for if the SERPENT does your mind "bite," only hatred and vengeance is in your sight.

The SERPENT cannot "True" believers "sting," as its "bite," being dark thoughts, do not ring in the minds of the wise, for they heed my call from the skies and thus, to the light they remain true, whatever the SERPENT tries to do, through the minds of unsound men, as exposed by this God's Sacred pen.

page 444

Break the SERPENT's "spell"

Mary, Mary, I call out to you saying, "Maryanne, please be true to the time long ago when "together" deep truth did flow." It was THE time I "became" WISE for I looked into the SERPENT's eyes and SAW the power of the "spell," HOW it drags the weary down to Hell, through the power of its MIND that is cunning, and deceitfully UNKIND as IT says to "you" and "me,"

"To attain freedom you needs "see" me
thus fully understand the power of my underhand."

And THIS deceit the greatest be, for we cannot unfathom its depths see, and THUS, to IT are we bound, as our thoughts go round and round, trying to our "problem" dissolve as in our minds they endlessly revolve.

And like the "game" of musical chairs, the SERPENT disguises its cunning "wares" being that, each time the "music" does stop, one more is "chair less" and does "flop" deeper into the satanic mire, and oneday sits atop a funeral pyre.

So the SERPENT's eyes I did see and "its" insane reasoning I give to thee. Its hypnotic thoughts did say "Lose sight of me and you are lost forever and a day." But, the "spell" only broken be by the power of the light flowing free, which does the SERPENT's eyes "dazzle" so ITS thoughts do not our minds "frazzle."

"Yes the light from the Morning Star breaks the "spell," say's God from afar.

And thus, the past we can "forget" so in unforgiveness we no longer "fret." Bless you lady for the time of day, bless you lady for the time I spent your way. NOW, it is THE time for YOU to be to the SOURCE truly true, and pass my message ON about HOW each souls journey is WON.


page 445

We are "bound" by the SERPENTS "spell" when we "listen" to the story it does "tell" as, its thoughts, into our minds "unwind," thoughts that to us and others are unkind. And part of the spell is "confusion," keeping us locked in a "contusion," a situation in which we cannot get out until the spell we "break" with a "clout," being a shaft of light and love, essencing via the meditation Star above.

This light blinds the darkness that be, and thus of its spell are we free for that short moment in time, before "they" make us soil our hands with grime. But, when later we link with their "tune," we again can mentally swoon because our emotion does "receive" the electric wavelength through which they "deceive."

So until our emotion is "pulled through" and "released," we needs stay TRUE, to the Word of God I bring, that breaks the spell with its deadly sting that can, and does, us blind, as our soul it does more bind.

So I say to you and you, DO the meditation and stay true. Don't heed the thoughts that you "clout" that say, "You needs work it out." Nothing can YOU "work out" when with the Devil's voice you flout. Your inner Ego and Pride, or Fear, ALL go for a devious ride.

Only when we don't "link in" to the SERPENT's "spectrum" can we win, by becoming clear in the mind, because deceit does us not bind. So from the SERPENT's "spell" must all be "awoken" by a few words of prayer spoken.

This is the ONLY way to "pull through," I the dove say to you, you, and you, for the SERPENT says "IF you lose sight of me, you'll never work it out, how to get free," and this is another living lie I hear from the Source up high.

Break the "link" to the SERPENT below and give your soul a chance to grow.
Daily fortify your mind,
build the ARK, or you become blind.


page 446

Satan's eyes

Every "speck" of darkness in the "skies" IS a part of Satan's "eyes."
Every speck of darkness in your soul allows Satan to through you stroll,

freely, in every which way unless you heed my way to "pray,"
and every soul that thus I did not "Seal," Satan for sure soon will steal.

So, if my "Mark" is not upon your door, dark mist will creep in for sure, when you are awake and when you sleep, and thus you'll be put to "deeper" sleep, and be bound before you "awake" and find that you are "tied" to a stake. And the "jackals" cannot then be kept at bay and their "howls" will send a dark wolf your way and it will silently "in creep," as quietly in bed you daily sleep.

And when you awake, you'll see its disguise was a maidens "bonnet" hiding "lies" and suddenly, its face will turn "around," and you'll know that your "flesh" is found, and your bared soul will shiver and shake as it stands naked at the stake, and when the "Wolf," its deed is done, never again any warmth or fun, naught but pure terror in your "cries" and you'll wish that you were more wise.

But the power of darkness is very "tall" consuming all that therein "fall," so blessed ones, I call out now to thee saying, "Please, please believe me, for my "chosen" are very few, one in fifty sprinkled amongst the untrue and only they stand free of Satan's "keep," for only they can heed my call of "Make none weep."

page 447

And my golden "Seal" is upon their hand, seen by all the satanic "band," who, to these few will draw to not near, for they "see all" who to God's call veer, and others who "think" they are safe and sound, soon, as you'll see, will become bound by "electrifying" satanic "thought" through which "insanity" is fraught with the power of darkness flowing through, that shows all you are untrue. And I say "You'll heed the "clown." Please heed me now or eternally "frown."

The ONLY way YOU become less "blind" is to "dazzle" with light the thoughts that you "bind," thus the thoughts "stay" below and cannot their "deceit" in your minds sow, and then, the "dark" forces you "drew in," are cleansed out by God from your "sin bin," and 'tis thus, you become free, after you have heeded ME, for only I know the TRUE story to tell, the ONE that elevates souls up from Hell.

So I say again, seek deep before more darkness does into you seep, for, if it does, you become more blind, and then more unkind as you others control and manipulate, thinking you put "bread" on their plate by teaching them how to others control, through your false teachings, as you stroll. And as these teachings more deceive, all "followers" do one day grieve.

Brothers and sisters who are mine, heed my call from the land divine. "Observe" your ACTIONS every day and heed my call of the mind's ARK today, and, "Pass" my message "ON" down below through your mind so "others" less frown, so, that to "others" below, who "your" mind bind, you are "seen," by God, to be to "them" kind in forgiveness for what they do, in "ignorance," to you, and then "they" understand how into "their" minds thoughts come from a lower land.

And then, they too, can "prepare" and avoid the rising satanic "snare" by heeding "My say," sent by YOU, their way, about the "Power of light" in God's star that "Waters their rose" from afar and "blinds" the SERPENT below, so its power over them begins to "slow," and thus the ARK of the mind they build and their soul by God is with light filled.

So, I rely on you and you to telepathically pass on my message true, and you'll feel better inside, as "they" sit less on you "astride," and God's blessings will greater grow who this truth of God they SOW.

Excerpt from The Testament of Truth (pages 426 - 450)

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