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Is Jesus Lucifer and the Devil?

Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil

That the christian bible is the composition of Lucifer, the fallen rebel archangel and Devil supreme, is scientifically proved in these volumes.

The Ancient Mother Series

We address you with this message transmitting the news that a series of new books titled as 'The Ancient Mother Series' of which Ancient Mother I & II are out. The term is used in a universal sense and beyond all considerations of race, language, history or sect. The series as a whole will be culminative. At the same time, each volume will be practically self-contained in it's particular field, as outlined in the individual title.

A perceptional canvas at once enormous and unique for its envelopment of time in all fullness and for its sweep of the East and West and of rest of mankind has been starkly unfolded by those concepts and findings. From that vantage point, it is indeed possible, almost automatic with the aid of impeccable logic, to externalise and integrate experience in its totality and comprehend the whole of existence, in all of its range and depth, in a totally integrative and indissolubly wholesome manner.

The question of the real identity of christianity has ever remained unresolved. Nevertheless, historical christianity typified by the catholic christianity has always disturbed man by reason of its unrelieved record. Karl Marx was fully aware of that record. So was J.J. Rousseau, from a different angle when he said "Man is totally good and that in consequence he has nothing to fear from himself". So too was Robert Ingersoll when asking: Of what use has christianity been to man. These two books and others to follow resolve that question, fundamentally and finally, at christianity's very source - the being self-named jesus who is proved herein from neutral as well as parallel systems of knowledge to be in reality the alter ego of Lucifer operating from under a rebellious cloak of goodness.

As the authors establish therein from its own sources, both prophetic and historical, the termination of christianity is automatic from positive knowledge of its real identity. By reason of its rebellious identity and its simultaneous subterranean and transterrestrial basis the action of christianity on consciousness has been at the same time schizophrenic and universal. This has caused a colossal sapping of energy at all levels and the formation of a diseased consciousness expressing itself as an overpowering sadness in the representative types of the race, both in the East and West.

It is hoped that the Ancient Mother series of continuous titles will contribute towards the elimination from consciousness through correct knowledge of the phenomenal affectation of which their pages treat.

Having the honour on our part to be the publisher, we have deemed it incumbent therefore to bring the knowledge proved and summated in these books, globally to consciousness if even by taking the liberty of passing it by way of Internet before important dignitaries.

The Ancient Mother - I
The Key to the bible

ISBN 3-9520446-1-X

The christian bible, according to authors Leo Panakal and Vinodh Kumar, is nothing less than a malignant fraud that went undetected for two thousand years.

The bible comprises the self-expression of Lucifer, the fallen rebel archangel and Devil supreme, who affects himself in it as the christian god, a conscious parody of Easwara of the Sanskrit scriptures.

By analytically assessing the actual worth of the bible book, the authors free mankind from the fetters of guilt, or sin, instituted by christianity.

A cathartic and closely-reasoned work, The Key to the bible, together with its peer The Judgement on christianity, will leave christians aghast over the enormous fraud of their scripture, a fraud conceived by Lucifer, initiated by jehovah-god, and finalised by jesus as the alter ego of Lucifer.

«A cathartic and historically controversial work»

- Vantage Press, New York


From the autonomic thrust of his very entity as undifferentiated rebel against the reality of his gravitational fall from goodness, Lucifer is compulsively bound to reality, and hence bound also to delineate himself - rebelliously, unabashedly, totally, uniquely, and once and for all - in terms of a non-dual rebellion against goodness. A book recording that kind of delineation will, by its very nature, singularly carry the self-expression of his TOTAL beinghood as rebel against goodness, THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE BEING THE SOLE, EXHAUSTIVE, FULL, CONCRETE EXEMPLIFICATION OF THAT EXERCISE.

Chapter - II
Systems and Positions

The fundamental christian constituent being posited as rebellion, it presupposes the prior existence of a reality against which it is so constituted, since rebellion cannot come to be in absence of such a reality. Comprehensively, the entire christian position is based upon, and structured from, ban on knowledge under phobia of racial extinction, and a redeemer from the consequences of violation of the ban. Since our postulate should hold under all conditions, including the above posited basic constituent, it would be necessary and sufficient to prove the rebellion internally as a cyclical rebellion that envelops even the self-vindicative basic constituent. That christianity is such a rebellion is proved from the original rebellion against the ban on knowledge from its being specified as "knowledge of good and bad" - exudative of the foundational notion of original sin - which is itself reduced by its certified commentators back to the original rebellion against knowledge as such.

Lucifer has generated the different versions and spread out the capsuled variants that conceal, and/or rebelliously envelop, the identity in such design, the design itself being mandatorily dictated by the conscious id of his personality as cyclical rebel, that independently none of them, barring one lone exception, (See Knox bible, p.3) would yield data sufficient by itself to finally wrap up the exposition of the Luciferian identity, whereas all of them together (and put together positvely by man) reveals the same in a conclusive manner that not only individually explains logically, interrelatedly and wholesomely, all the various links present but also binds them all together with a single thread, which is nothing but the same identity.

Chapter - III
Phenomenon of Man & The Brick in the wall

The word good is only derived from the Sanskrit root "gadh." This would demonstrate, once again, that the concept of goodness originates and subsists independently of the bible book and christianity. Further, the charts drawn in the bible book of the original condition prior to the "original sin" are an orchestration of this reality. The account issues all the same from the original sin of the subterranean narrator himself and a preponderant drive to collocate it to man by infusing an imaginary guilt into his consciousness through Cain - which is simultaneously turned into sin by mutual genetic inversion in other versions of the same text of Cain's words purportedly spoken to Lucifer. (See Knox bible). As to the professions of the christian original condition, they are contradicted by acknowledgement of the existence and activity of the serpent in that very condition and the admission at the end of the whole book that the same serpent had been right there all the way from the "primal age."(See Knox bible, p.274).

("Spirit" is defined as "an often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visible." - Merriam Webster. The three attributes are accurately discerned in the being that got itself invited at noontime to Abraham's dwelling, there to malevolently effectuate fornication of his aged wife with suggestions that contrive to summon up her memories. The being is designated at one moment as "they," in plural ["They asked, Where is thy wife Sara?" (sic) - genesis 18:9, Knox bible]; in the next moment, the same apparently distinct beings objectify as "he," in the singular ["I will come back said he who was speaking to him" - ibid., 18:10], demonstrating it bodiless in both instances. The other symptom, of his visiblity, is attested by the narrative, where it says that Abraham "looked up and saw three men standing near him," ibid., 18:2; the same spectacle is elsewhere further represented as "a vision of the lord.")

Chapter - IV
The Substratum

Again the substratum exposes the true nature of the "mystical body" as a composite of pseudo-God and pseudo-Man. Jesus is neither Man nor God. Man is the "one who reflects," and God is the "perfection of goodness." But jesus, as revealed by the biblical substratum of his real identity, is a malevolent spirit possessing a motivation to usurp the realm of reason and of truth, and hence of salvation.

The whole endeavor of christianity as indubitably announced by its champion is the "overturning" of reasoning directed toward the correct identification of its source-being as Lucifer. Taking his cue from the latter, Paul accurately articulates the received word in postmariological time. Boldly now he narrows it down to reasoning per se. Boldly again but meticulously he announces that "we are overturning reasonings."

Since reasoning is the line that demarcates man from animal, christianity is seen to be a system for degeneration of man through retroversion of this demarcation.

Chapter V
Origination of Evil and Doom of Sin

The words are uttered by, and occur solely and exclusively in, the consciousness of jehovah. And therefore, there has not been at all any origin nor movement of sin heretofore in any consciousness other than this one.

The alleged disobedience charged by Paul will not make any kind of sin since the primary condition of disobedience, expressed refusal to obey, is not satisfied, pre-cast as Adam is in a muted role as of then in Lucifer's consciousness. As for the aspect of disobedience, viz.,neglect, the charge is disproved under "discovery," the same protagonist having withheld by malidentification the pertinent data of the existence of the serpent.

The genes of murder, war-making, adultery and theft are all genes latterly interpolated into consciousness and then deliberately brought within the sphere of the attributed acts of man described in the book - attributed to man by rebellious commandments proffered after the event, turning the human psyche in the process into a battlefield between the genes thus implanted therein with all their automotive drives and the commandments subsequently planted against the selfsame genes, both being done by the same being, viz., jehovah, alias jesus, whom Moses in his goodness, as man takes to be "God," the perfection of goodness, as continuedly professed by that being in execution of his rebellion.

Chapter - VI
Sin = Guilt

The authentic firsthand citations and observations of Mary of Agreda, which are autonomous to christianity, on the one hand place the origination of sin at a site earlier and different from the so-called garden, and on the other appropriately identify the original sinner differently from man in Adam, as scriptural christianity claims - as "the prince of that (same) assembly."

On account of its complexion, as original, the sin above is integral with, and inseparable from, its originator. Therefore, the being and the consciousness that carries the underived gene of sin at genesis 4:7, and exerts itself verbally to discharge it upon man, is the same "prince of sin" as above.

The reader may note the first entry under sin in the bible book, where the sin issues alone from the consciousness of jehovah, in words avowedly spoken by him to Cain. Here below is the passage in full:

A) "If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling; but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door. It wants to rule you, but you must overcome it."- Good news bible, p.7.

However the same verse in the importantly attested Knox bible goes as follows:

B) "If thy actions are good, canst thou doubt they will be rewarded? If not, canst thou doubt that guilt, thenceforward, will lie at thy door? Meanwhile he (Abel) is at thy mercy, and thou canst have thy way with him." - p.3.

The entire bible book being underived and the text titled and couched as "genesis" being the bottommost compartment of the same aspect, "sin" and "guilt" in A & B above are interchangeable. Secondly, they are expressly personified by the speaker. Thirdly, they lie in a crouching state of inertia when and until so personified.

Unless acted upon by an external force, they would interminably so remain in inertia in, with, and alone with, its first and only spokesman above. The statement, "it wants to rule you," is how he elementally personifies sin/guilt - specifically too, by naming them "it" - so that he can apply on it with the force he needs to start it on motion, "it" embracing the sense of a person in lexicographic definition. By the expression "wants" he acts on the personified guilt/sin and puts it in motion.

Chapter - VII
Assassination of Abel:
The Site Configuration & Jesus' Conviction

The Corpus

The christian old testament of the bible book, particularly its most typological part named as genesis, is the transcribed embodiment of the consciousness of the classical Lucifer. It is in this sense that we call it the exclusive medium of the self-expression of Lucifer. The soliloquies, characters, and incidents featuring in it are emanations of this consciousness - the first at its indivisible primary level, the next at the fundamental operational level, and the third at the secondary operational level. It is at this third level that the consciousness of the Devil supreme infiltrates generally into that of a particular community of people accomplishedly centered around Moses.

The fourth and final stage of the bible book named as new testament embodies the historical delineation of the same consciousness, now extrinsically transformed by paisacha vivaham (Fornication by the Devil) with the female Mary of the same community.

The House of Abel:

Considerations of sinistralism apart, the clinching text as far as jesus' culpablity is concerned, is Luke 11:51. Unlike Matthew 23:35, the paternity of Zacharias is altogether unrecited in Luke. In Matthew, the paternity is specified as Barachias. But Zacharias born of him did not die from violence, as dishonestly affirmed by jesus.

The omission of Zacharias' paternity in Luke and its inclusion in Matthew together with the other data in it that is factually dishonest when applied to the one or the other Zacharias, as sought by jesus in his criminality, and the quick breakdown of the whole patter ("the jargon of criminals" - Merriam Webster, p.834) when applied as the camouflaged clue to detection of Abel's true assassinator, and only when so applied, are the factors in jesus' conviction.

The Ancient Mother - II
The Judgement on christianity

ISBN 3-9520446-2-8

What is the real identity of jesus, uterine son of Mary and the source-being of historical christianity?

In Ancient Mother II: The Judgement on christianity, author Leo Panakal shows scientifically that jesus is none other than Lucifer, the fallen rebel archangel and Devil supreme. In pursuance of his declared personal manifesto, Lucifer generated christianity and historically set it up under his prevalent name of jesus.

The author similary shows that the being named serpent in the christian scripture is in reality Sivan, who is the impassive benefactor of man and the embodiment of all goodness.

Christianity, says the author, is a system for the suffocation of goodness from consciousness under the pretext of redeeming it. The fall of christianity is mandatory; it will release man from bondage of scripture.

«A scholarly and closely reasoned work.»

- Vantage Press, New York

Chapter - III
Identity: The First Definition

By consciousness judged on the running standard of infernal malignancy against man, jesus then spontaneously nucleates into a chip of the old block of Lucifer. Alone in him of all the three, there now operates alongside that chip a new consciousness that he has acquired from interaction with the human female, which capacitates him to diffuse the malignancy in a grammar of overt goodness. (This is the divisive of time, rebelliously labelled by historical christianity as its divider. Lucifer the Devil supreme incarnating as pseudo-man!

The artificer of underived fraud that he is, Lucifer effectively in his consciousness foreclosed knowledge to man by misrepresenting that its dividend was death, instead of deathlessness. On the contrary, he admits after the outcome precipated by serpent (Sivan) that the foreclosed knowledge all along had been indispensible for attaining deathlessness.(Genesis 3:22)

Chapter IV
Universal Catharsis vs. Primodial Evil

By system we mean in a general sense a single all-embracing principle that explains all phenomena, "coherent in all its parts and free from all contradictions." Therefore, any scriptural system that claims a perpendicular and horizontal universal suffrage should be on the one hand internally consistent and on the other comprehensive of all coordinate phenomena from outside. Further, since scripture is underived, there can only be one such system of authentic kind, the other one becoming consequently a counterfeit of the first.

Chapter V
Destruction of Continuum of Moksha

Christianity claims for its keystone that Adam was guilty of disobedience. However, the individual responsible for the concerned text being Lucifer, the man-creation account in his book is the expression of his affectation. Therefore, Adam was indulging in his right of self-preservation from a malevolent being, acquirement of knowledge constituting the essence of this right.

Dealing latterly now with the same question exclusively and in its own right, as predicated, the relevant data of the existence of the serpent was supressed from Adam, through scriptural disinformation. On the one hand, the serpent was identified as snake, which is a different being. On the other, this being was earlier comprehensively applauded with the express statement made to man, typified in Adam as the quarry of the whole relevant text, that he found everything that he affected to have created to be in good order.

In this context, the christian paradise is admittedly the fallout of a redemption from knowledge; therefore, it is the exact antithesis of moksham. Man lost the original paradise when he opted for knowledge. Therefore, he has now been redeemed back to the original state of nude knowledgelessness by christianity!

Chapter VI
Kingdom of Torments / God = Lucifer

The admitted singular enemy of christianity is a being unexceptionally designated by every kind of bible book as "anti-christ." Therefore, the scriptural and vulgar (from Sanskrit varga) christian approach to this being is the authentic touchstone of the above formula, however atmadushi (self-incompatible) the latter verbally is. This scriptural approach progressively verbalised by John at seven different places at the dissolution of christianity and aimed at pre-designing the medial approach is however the exact antithesis of the formula. It results in open cannibalism self-satisfyingly carried out against the unique enemy by John in his "revelation" from Lucifer.

Moreover, it culminates in a "great feast of the flesh of all mankind" by god. The wide-open feast is actually organised in hurried celebration of the doom of mankind targeted by him and announced through Mary of Agreda (see the Council of Lucifer). As for jesus, he is indivisible from the above god, being the sole repository of the one-piece, one-time, banquet of universal extermination revealed by him directly, exultantly and by name to John (revelation 1:11 ) .

The whole obligatory process shows the christian god, far from almighty, a slave of the gene. On the other hand, Sivan transcends the gene by simultaneous destruction and regeneration.

As you have noticed, these paragraphs above are culled out from the books titled as Ancient Mother - I & II respectively. The book treats the same theme in far greater detail and length. It carries the message of a redeeming mental health to the east and west from the burden of guilt, through the self force of correct knowledge. In the full book we also carry the probe even beyond the splitting of the atom. Along with phenomenal knowledge, phenomenal music is positively curative and redemptive as it encompasses all art. This is the realm, kind and degree of knowledge that Sivan, by securing the tree of knowledge, correctly imparts to man's view as being the reservoir of immortality.


'Lokah Samastha Sukino Bhavantu'

'Let there come into being the state of grieflessness for every being in the world'

Council of Lucifer

Quoted from, Grave and Urgent Warnings from heaven[sic], Vol.I, 1978, pp.418. by Cyril Marystone, USA.

«Immediately after the creation of the angels, god informed them that he was going to create a man in his image, that the word was going to assume this human nature, and that this man was going to be the master of the angels. Then god showed the angels an image of this man, and he commanded the angels to worship him. Lucifer and his angels refused to obey. ...

As soon as Lucifer and his followers entered hell, they assembled in general council which lasted to the morning of Thursday. During this time Lucifer exerted all his astuteness and diabolical malice in conferring with the demons and concocting plans to obtain revenge. They came to the conclusion that the greatest vengeance would be to impede the effects of compassion which they knew god bore towards man. This they hoped to obtain by deceiving men.

Lucifer's manifesto as self-discoursed by him to the Spanish nun Mary of Agreda (1602-1665)

"No human tongue can explain the malice and fury of this first council of Lucifer and his hosts against the human race ... In it were concocted all of the vices and sins of the world; from that place proceeded all lies, sects and errors. ALL INIQUITY HAD ITS ORIGIN IN THAT ABOMINABLE GATHERING; and all who do evil are in the service of the prince of that assembly. "

Lucifer said: 'We will subject the human creatures to our influence in order to destroy them. We will persecute this race of men and will deprive them of the reward promised to them. I will gain great victories over them, and I will destroy them all and subject them to my designs. I will sow new sects and errors and set up new laws contrary to those of the most high in all things. I will raise up from among men false prophets and leaders who will spread these doctrines. I will scatter this seed through them and afterwards I will assign them a place in these torments. I will afflict the poor, oppress the suffering, and persecute the meek. I will sow discord, excite wars, and stir up nations against each other. I will raise proud and arrogant men to extend the dominion of sin; and after they have executed my designs, I will bury them in this eternal fire, with so much the greater torments the more faithfully they have followed me. This is my Kingdom, and this is the reward which I will give to those who follow me.

And you, you demons who were injured together with me, follow me. Obey me in pursuit of this vengeance, as you have followed me in the rebellion. Pretend to love men in order to destroy them; serve them in order to deceive them and to ruin them; help them in order to pervert them and to draw them into these regions of Hell.'»

(Emphases have been applied in the text at specific points that afford recognisable visages of historical christianity, as typified by Rome pope).

The notions of "reward", "promise", "hell", etc., in the above originate inseparably and directly from fundamental christianity as held in common by all of its divisions and sects, while expressions relating potential fulfilment adhere both totally and unrelatedly to the Rome pope, when these are considered comprehensively in all their relevance. The expressions "most high" and "reward promised" treat of Sivan - within the parameters, respectively, of his condition as Eka-Devan (uni-god) and of his words to Eve recorded as Genesis 3:4-5 - but as infected with the discourse's (Lucifer's) self-consciousness of his original sin. The discourse constitutes, in Lucifer himself, the central reference point that co-ordinates, following embodiment from Mary, his beinghood as cyclical rebel against reality. It also forms, for this compulsive reason, the lone rebellion-free expression to be uttered by his consciousness, in his time dimension, in between the moment of his fall from dharma (goodness) and of his taking possession of the consciousness of Moses - affording to man, unavoidably, the only objective primeval mirror for the correct spectacle of christianity, both incipient and historical.

See Isaiah 14:12-23, for compatibility of Isaiah with the identical equality of Lucifer and jesus.

"What fallen from heaven thou Lucifer, that once didst herald the dawn? Prostrate on the earth, that once didst bring nations to their knees? I will scale the heavens (such was thy thought); I will set my throne higher than god's stars, take my seat at his own trusting-place, at the meeting of the northern hills; I will soar above the level of the clouds, the rival of the most high. Thine instead to be dragged down into the world beneath, into the heart of the abyss. Who that sees thee there, but will peer down at thee and read thy story: Can this be the man who once shook the world, and made thrones totter; who turned earth into a desert, its cities into ruins; never granted prisoner release? For those other kings, honourable burial, each in his own palace; thee the grave itself rejects, like a withered root, like a thing unclean. Rots thy corpse unrecognised, beneath yonder coverlet of men slain, that went down to the deep pit together; no fellowship hast thou with those others, no share in their sepulture, thou who didst lead thy country to ruin, thou, who didst bring destruction on thy people. The posterity of the wicked shall be nameless for ever; for the guilt they have inherited, his sons too must be slain, they must not live to make the land their own, and people the world with cities.

IDENTITY PUBLISHERS, CH-3723 Kiental, Switzerland

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