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The Dead Sea Scrolls
and the " WATCHERS "
the Church didn't tell you about!!

By Vini Reid

During my time researching various parts of the Illuminati agenda I happened across what I believe to be the only named reference to the reptilian nature of the ancient Biblical beings known as "Watchers" These creatures are mentioned in many Biblical scriptures and, probably more so, in Non Canonical scripts.

Especially in books such as The Book of Enoch. The "Watchers" here are credited with giving the human race a range of knowledge known as the "Domain of the Gods" in exchange for sexual favours from the Daughters of Men.

Their combined union resulted in a race of Giants known as the Nephilim, who proceeded to cause chaos on the Earth and were, allegedly, wiped out by the biblical flood ( which was initially instigated solely for this pupose, such was the problem they created) The "Watchers" however are never described in the bible as being anything other than "Angels"

To my knowledge I know of nowhere in the biblical texts that actually describes these creatures, thus we are led by church dogma, and the never ending nativity plays, which endear these creatures to us and portrait them as HUMAN in appearance. The various churches would have us believe that these "Angelic" beings are in fact human in appearance, never telling us otherwise.

At last, i have found the following translated text which does indeed shed some light on these mysterious beings.

The following is a fragment discovered withing the Dead Sea Scrolls, which hails from an Essene settlement on the shore of the Dead Sea around the time of Jesus. The fragments were discovered in 1947 concealed in clay jars in a cave.

I present it as it is written in the translated book, various sources may differ in interpretation, but are all pretty much agreed on the following, i will only give you the relevant part and not bore you with the whole text which can be found on any DSS website;

( I saw Watchers ) in my vision, a dream vision, and behold two of ( of them ) arguing about me and said.... and they were engaged in a great quarrel concerning me. I asked them; "You, what are you... thus...... ( about me?".) They answered and said to me " We have been made masters and rule over all the sons of men " And they said to me " Which of us do you chose...

I raised my eyes and saw one of them. His looks were frightening ( like those of a viper, and his garments were multi coloured and he was extremely dark.....)

And afterwards I looked and behold..... by his appearance and his face was like that of an adder, and he was covered with.... together, and his eyes...... .....this ( Watcher ): "Who is he?" He said to me "This Watcher.....( and his three names are.....) and Melkiresha.......

And i said: "My Lord, what....." (And he said to me)...... ( and all his paths are darkness, all his work is darkness, and he is... in darkness see. And he rules over all darkness and I rule over all light )........

Except from Dead Sea Scrolls Testament of Amram 4Q Amram b ( 4Q544 )

The rest of the particular fragment follows a similiar pattern but i believe this actually shows that during biblical times there were more beings than just humans with the ability to talk, as the Genesis serpent did, and shows the particular affinity to darkness as well as the postion of dominance they occupied ( and still do ) within a hierarchial system over humans.

I believe it also atests to the way in which the formation of the various churches have misled us into believing the dogma they pedal, when in all honesty, they must have been aware of the existance and the nature of these beings at the very beginning of their formation, but declined to tell us the truth, instead allowing us to believe the traditional Angel depictions ( incidentally carved or painted in a great many Churches, if not all, since their adoption and reformation of the pagan churches )

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